Questions About Animal Quarantine

8 May

The agency that handles animal quarantine here in Singapore is AVA (Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority). The agency recently launched their new system called Quarantine Management System on December 18, 2013. The new system will make things easier for  the pet owners and their pets to enter the country. The system will allow pet owners to plan their travels in advance (of up to six months).


Animals entering to Singapore from any country should be quarantined for at least thirty days. The reason for the quarantine is simple – it seeks to stop the multiplication of infectious diseases (like rabies) here in Singapore. Here are some questions that needs to be addressed concerning animal quarantine:

Where is the quarantine station and its visiting hours?

You should know that the station is located at Sembawang Animal Quarantine Station. Visiting hours are strictly observed. During Mondays to Fridays, they are open from 4pm to 6pm. During Saturdays, they are open from 2pm to 6pm. If it is Sunday or Public Holiday, they are closed.

Does the agency require vaccinations?

Even if you recently vaccinated your pet dogs, it is still compulsory to have your dogs go through series of vaccinations for parvovirus, distemper and hepatitis. If you are bringing in a pet cat, it is compulsory to give them vaccinations against cat enteritis and cat flu. AVA will look for a certification for your pet; they should have treatments against internal and external parasites.


What are the preventive health measures taken throughout the period?

While in the quarantine, pets can be exposed to many serious diseases. Do not worry because there are measures taken like routine vaccinations throughout the quarantine period. For dogs and cats, they can be treated with heartworm prophylaxis and they should be tick-free. Dogs are bathed once a week to avoid the stress of changing environment.

When can the pets be discharged?

After 30 days, pets can be discharged. If there is a problem or issue, AVA will require an extension. But for those who passed and completed their period, they can be discharged from Monday to Sunday (10am-11pm). If you have a pet dog, you need to secure dog license first because you need to present it before they release the dog.

There you go. You only have to endure 30 days and then after that, you can be with your pet for as long as you live. Do not evade quarantine because you will face punishments if you are caught. Having a pet is a big responsibility. Remember that it does not end after you submit your pet to quarantine.



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