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Why You Should Have Regular Aircon Servicing

14 Nov

In Singapore, taking care of your air conditioning system is very important especially because of the hot and humid climate. Even so, many of us tend to neglect or forget to take care of our aircon units. Whether at home or in the office, a faulty air conditioning system will be a great inconvenience. That’s […]

The Differences Between Trademark and Registered Trademark

19 Oct

Trademark registration in Singapore is not a mandatory process for most businesses, companies and organizations, but the move comes with various benefits besides the ability to protect your brand. To understand what a trademark and a registered trademark can do for your company, let us examine what intellectual property means. What is Intellectual Property? Intellectual […]

6 Benefits of Hiring a Property Management Company

31 Aug

Managing your properties can take a lot of your time and effort. Generally, a lot of owners cannot commit to acting as landlords themselves because they have another full-time day job to attend to. Although they do not have the luxury of time to be hands-on with their properties, that doesn’t necessarily mean they cannot […]

8 VoIP Provider Hiring Mistakes That Could Spell Disaster for You

12 Apr

Small and mid-sized businesses in Singapore are now steering away from traditional telecom providers in record numbers, with each of them hoping to take advantage of the cost saving capabilities of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) while leveraging the calling features it provides. But with the potential for great return being this high, it has […]

Things to Know About the World Bank

24 Mar

Let it be known that Singapore is helping developing countries to promote growth by increasing its World Bank subscription. The contribution of Singapore to IBRD (International Bank for Reconstruction and Development)will be increased from US $38.6 million to US $672 million. The statement was made by the Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam on January 21, […]

Preventing Pest Infestations in Food Establishments

28 Jan

The sight of pests in food establishments is not acceptable. If you own a food establishment and you are having troubles with pests like rats and cockroaches, you should be alarmed. This is not a good sign. You need to tackle the issue as soon as possible before health inspectors come and close your establishment. […]

Why Individual Licenses Are Needed

9 Oct

Before the outbreak of millennium year, people’s primary sources of information were predominantly lies on traditional media, such as TV, radio, and newspaper. As the world changed and became more complex, the inception of Internet as medium of entertainment and information has been culturally accepted practically everywhere. The city-state of Singapore offers widest coverage of […]

How a File Server Can Help Your Business?

20 Sep

A file server is a powerful computer unit that holds all important data intended to be accessed and shared by multiple computers within the network. The server unit answers to the information requests from other computers. It “serves” data, fax resources, print, and many other files to numerous computers, just as long as they are […]

Why Accounting Software Can Be Your Best Friend

22 Jul

As Singapore economy becomes more and more dynamic, accounting software becomes an indispensable tool for managing modern businesses. There are many beautiful things about accounting programs, and one of them is its ability to store your financial data in one centralized location. As your company keeps up with the competition, you need something to keep […]

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