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The Benefits of Acupuncture

28 Nov

The IMH (Institute of Mental Health) is now offering acupuncture treatment for drug addicts. IMH believes that acupuncture can help reduce and manage addiction cravings, anxiety and more importantly, withdrawal symptoms. Acupuncture treatment in IMH is also agreed by MOH (Ministry of Health). But patients and their families need not worry because acupuncture is recommended […]

Singapore as a Vacation Spot

10 Nov

Looking for an ideal spot to spend your vacation? Well, you don’t have to go out of the country. Singapore is situated in Southeast Asia and being located just above the equator makes it an ideal destination for vacationers who love the tropical climate. Since the weather is warm here most time of the year, […]

Why Individual Licenses Are Needed

9 Oct

Before the outbreak of millennium year, people’s primary sources of information were predominantly lies on traditional media, such as TV, radio, and newspaper. As the world changed and became more complex, the inception of Internet as medium of entertainment and information has been culturally accepted practically everywhere. The city-state of Singapore offers widest coverage of […]

Benefits of Dog Ownership

22 Jul

Apartments and condominiums here in Singapore do not allow pets. This became a problem for pet owners. Pets have good benefits too if you give them a chance. Here are some: Happier you Notice how dogs make you happy when you are sad or down. Dog owners or pet owners in general become happier in […]

Where to Take the Family

19 Jul

If you noticed that you rarely go out with your family, it is time to invite them to grab some dinner and talk about things like you used to. Hectic schedule is not an excuse. You should make time for the family for it will surely lessen your burden and worries. You can bring the […]

Simple Ways to Earn in Singapore

25 May

Earning by being a company affiliate website is easy. You start by paying membership fee and get commission on every sales generated by people visiting your website and accepting the offer. This is a job that also depends upon your social skills as you can make use of your Facebook account to popularize the scheme […]

Lifestyle Shopping For Self-Enrichment

24 May

Self-enrichment is a process that has to do with improvement of one’s intellectual powers. Anything that helps in increasing one’s knowledge or intelligence qualifies as a self-enrichment tool. Based upon the body of knowledge garnered in the last thousands of years, there is much that one can explore in his quest for self-improvement in Singapore. […]

The Progress of Singapore

8 May

  In a matter of just half a century, Singapore has developed at such a pace that it is hard to tell if you it is an Asian city torn apart by racial strife 50 years ago or in a highly developed Scandinavian country. There are many reasons that make Singapore so attractive for businessmen. […]

The Importance of Online Media in Singapore

8 May

In the past decade, online media has become ingrained to Singapore. This is one form of media that not just keeps pace with time but also keeps one aware of whatever is happening around the world even when he is on the move. This is possible with Wi-Fi devices that allow anytime, anywhere access to […]

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