Best Workouts to Sweat the Stress Away

20 Feb

With hours of commute to and fro the office and work emails continuously popping the entire day, there’s no surprise people walk around in a state of chronic stress. Fortunately, there are many waus to fight stress, but exercise is the proven to be the most beneficial of all.

And while there are so many types of exercises out there, we’ve narrowed down the best workouts to produce not just sweat but also more endorphins to help your mind and body relax.

1. Yoga
Yoga is well-loved for all the good reasons. Bringing the mind and body together disciplines you mentally and physically to bring you into relaxed state, while also increasing your flexibility and strength. Every pose takes strength and mental balance controlled by deep breathing and mindfulness. This exercise reduces stress while lowering your heart rate and blood pressure.

2. Dancing
Unlike gym exercises, you do not need gym membership to do this. Simply play your favorite upbeat music at home or in your room and let loose! Nothing perks you up better than hearing your favorite music and dancing to it. Dancing is a great way to get creative and lets you stretch your body in different ways you please and in many ways than you would on a daily basis. If your looking for a fun dancing class, try Zumba.

3. Pilates
Pilates meant to strengthen your muscles and improve your flexibility and body posture. But surprise—it also heightens your mental awareness. This workout is known to relieve anxiety and stress. It releases muscle tension, while the deep breathing regulates healthy circulation of oxygen in the brain, giving you a feeling of calmness all over.

4. Running
Fresh air is always good for the health. Especially with the beautiful Singapore weather, running is a viable fitness option for everyone trying to reduce stress and maintain an active lifestyle. Before going to work in the morning or after returning home from work late in the afternoon, a 30-minute run around the neighborhood is enough to keep stress at bay.

5. Heading Outdoors
Again, fresh outdoor air is vital for your well-being. Plus, the beauty of Mother Nature helps melt the stress away. Take a bike ride around the city, hike a new trail or go on a beach getaway once in a while. There are so many ways to explore the outdoors, and Singapore has a lot to offer. Take advantage of it!

The key to effective stress management is finding a way to reduce it. Luckily, you have these exercises to make it easier. Try any of these and see which one works for you. Incorporating any of these workouts into your everyday routine will significantly help reduce stress and anxiety, and help you feel happier and more optimistic in life.

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