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What is Makeup Contouring?

21 Nov

You will often hear the word contouring from makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts these days but what is it and why are people obsessed with it? Structure and highlights Not everyone is blessed with killer cheekbones and supermodel jawlines, which is why contouring became popular because it is a method that improves the structure of […]

Hair Hacks: 5 Ways to Maintain Your Red Hair

13 May

Of all the shades available for colouring hair, red is believed to be most difficult to maintain. Even if you get your hair colour done at the best salons in Singapore, the red dye will still noticeably fade in four weeks. But if you’re still thinking of going redhead like Jane Levy, Amy Adams and […]

Hair Salon Etiquette You Should Keep in Mind

4 Jan

Practising good salon manners is something you should pay attention to if you want to be a regular customer that the salon staff would always be happy to see and willing to accommodate even during very busy periods. It may seem like a lot of trouble, but learning how to properly act in a hair […]

Proper Care for Jewelry

5 Dec

  Humans are fond of shiny objects. It’s no surprise that we wear jewelry to enhance our appearance or just to show off. Among the most common materials used for making jewelry are metals. Cleaning each type of material requires different procedures. Here are tips to make them shine.   Gold To keep your gold […]

How to Clean Different Shoe Materials

2 Dec

  Not all shoes can be cleaned in the same method as cleaning your sneakers. Shoes are made from different types of materials and need specific cleaning procedures. Protect your investment by taking proper care of your shoe collection. Here is a list of common shoe materials and how to clean them.   Leather There […]

Best Make-Up Contouring Products for Every Skill Level

3 Nov

  Let’s face it—contouring is still among the hottest trend in the make-up world. In 215, many were quick to say that the trend is already a passé, but perfectly-defined beauties of Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian beg to disagree. Though the extreme contours are better left to these popular TV personalities, a little definition […]

Getting to Know the World’s Top Luxurious Brands

22 Oct

  There is nothing wrong if we desire luxury especially if we have the resources. Desiring luxury is the dream of majority Singaporean women. However, few are lucky enough to afford such luxurious lifestyle. There are plenty of luxury goods available here. Even if the economy is slowing down, the sale and purchase of luxury […]

Hair Essentials for Traveling Girls

29 Jul

  For girls who love to travel outside Singapore, what could ruin a potentially good selfie? Not your face, lips or your eyes but your hair. When traveling, it is important that you avoid a bad hair day because it will really show from your selfies. The good news is that you can avoid having […]

Makeup Brushes 101

15 Apr

Makeup can transform one ordinary looking woman to a fine one. That is no secret. When a woman applies makeup, suddenly she looks differently good. With this, most women here in Singapore consider makeup whether going to work or going out. There is nothing wrong with it as long as it does not damage the […]

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