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Train Life in Singapore

30 Sep

Life in Singapore can be a little different as most people spend their time in buildings and underground rather than outside. Now why is that? Well, this is mostly because of the fact that the major places in Singapore are mostly connected by a train system. Trains in Singapore can help you get to almost […]

Singapore Skies

23 Aug

Singapore is home to two luxury major airlines around the world namely Silk Air and Singapore Airlines and though people do not talk much about the Singaporean skies, they should definitely see what Singapore has to offer. There are a lot of pilots in Singapore and there are available cadet programs for those bold souls […]

6 Tips to Stay Safe in Any Flight

15 Apr

Safe flying is more than just making sure your passport and visa is still viable, booking the cheapest flight deals and packing the right essentials. You still have to go through security, pass through the embassy and check in early. And on the flight itself, you need to stay safe and reach your destination without […]

3 Tips on Preparing Your Puppy for an Adventure

20 Feb

Preparing for an escapade—whether just a weekend holiday or a week-long vacation—requires common sense. Since you are your dog’s guardian, you should be prepared for all situations that can possibly happen, especially situations like emergencies and accidents. Let’s see what preparations should be done to keep your pooch prepared and safe during an adventure away […]

8 Unexpected Things You Can Only Find in Japan

13 Jul

Japan is popular for being high-tech and inventive. Although some parts of the country are quite too much, you’ll get used to it after a few days of stay. In fact, many expats find these things amazing and useful, and sometimes get too comfortable with it that they find it difficult to get back to […]

Travellers, Beware: The 10 Most Common Problems When Riding a Plane

18 Sep

Travelling is a fun experience minus the delayed flights, long hauls and waiting hours. Well, as they say, the journey is nothing compared to the view when we are there. At least, we can take solace from it but before the sights, we really have to deal with travel and its worse. There is a […]

5 Signs You Need to Go On a Vacation, NOW!  

11 May

  From time to time, we need to go on a vacation at some point in the year. However, some of us just need it right away. Why? Here are the reasons why you might need to take a vacation from your hectic life right now! You crave for change, but hate it at the […]

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