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Dine and Drink: The Best Places in Singapore for Pokemon Go Players

27 Aug

The launch of mobile game app Pokemon Go has been a massive hit since the summer of 2016. Hundreds and thousands of people began to log into servers and play the game — which generally entails running along the streets catching Pokemons in the real life and battling in gyms with the other trainers. The […]

Spectacular Things to See in Singapore

9 Nov

There are really a lot of places that you can visit in the country. Tourists from different part of the globe never regret the things that they see and do in Singapore. One of the places that are crowded by foreign visitors is the Merlion. This is a creature that combines a fish and a […]

Places Go to When There Are No Other Places to Go

16 Aug

Almost all foods have different flavors depending on the clients. However, Goto is the place wherein you can prepare various tastes of different recipes. Indeed, Goto is a unique restaurant because its chef never stops. Are you thinking of food place filled with Japanese cuisine? Goto restaurant is the answer.  Although there are many Japanese […]

The Unstoppable Food Trip at Imperial Treasure Cantonese Cuisine

13 Aug

Whether you like it or not, you have to eat nutritious foods to gain energy. All people consume food on a daily basis and as a matter of fact, there are several food stalls in the country wherein many individuals find it hard to find. Located at the heart of the city, the Imperial Treasure […]

Human Settlement in Pulau Ubin

2 Jun

Pulau Ubin(also referred to as Ubin Island or Granite Island) is a minute island located in the north east region of the country, to the west of Tekong Island or Pulau Tekong. The island is one of the last rural regions to be found in the country that has an abundance of natural fauna and […]

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