5 Simple but Highly Effective Tips and to Improve Your Memory

15 Mar

Having a good memory is a great asset for everyone, whether you’re a student studying for an exam, a working professional trying to stay sharp in the office, or even in your old age when you want to preserve your grey matter as the years go by.

While there are a lot of supplements that claim to boost your memory, there are also simpler and safer ways you can do just that:

1. Teach yourself something new.
Whether it’s a new hobby or simply a new topic that you haven’t gotten the chance to get to, it’s important that you find something that’s out of your comfort zone and constantly challenge yourself.

When you’re constantly adapting and constantly trying new things, your brain also keeps up and helps you look for new ways to solve new problems, and then store this information.

2. Exercise, exercise, exercise
Mental exercise isn’t the only way to improve your mental health – physical exercise can also do the trick.
Aerobic exercises should be something to get into since they get raise your heart rate in a healthy way and get your blood pumping faster. This means more oxygen gets to your brain, which can help you get over mental fatigue quickly.

Complex motor skills and exercises that require hand-eye coordination are also a plus to brain health.

3. Keep stress in check
This is perhaps any brain’s worst enemy, since the gradual build-up of the stress cortisol can be really bad for your brain cells.

In fact, stress damages your brain in many ways, the biggest of which is through your ability to process, store, and recall memories. Many studies have shown that stress is directly linked to memory loss, and cognitive functions for those who placed under long periods of stress decrease drastically.

Aside from making sure to unwind after a stressful day, this also means that you should get enough sleep.

4. Stay social
Humans are meant to be social animals, which naturally means that being alone or isolated for longer periods can be really bad for your brain over time (you can probably feel this if you’ve ever felt really lonely and needed someone to talk to).

For a lot of people, being with friends and interacting with people can be the best kind of exercise, especially when you get together to have a good laugh.

Hanging out after hours or during weekends isn’t just the only way you can keep your brain sharp. For instance, you can volunteer for a drive, adopt a pet, or even simply reach out to your loved ones with a call or a text message to ask how they’re doing.

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