The Impact of Cleanliness To Our Well-Being

23 Jan

Singapore, being known for its strict laws against littering, vandalism, and spitting in public, has been celebrated as having some of the cleanest streets in the world. Not only in the streets, but even the schools are involved in campaigns to promote cleanliness in the country. But more than being in a tidy place, keeping a clean environment also has a lot of important benefits for us as individuals.

1. Cleanliness promotes productivity
A clean desk can easily boost our productivity. Seeing that our things are organized also has a subconscious effect on our minds. Because we see our desk straightened out, our thoughts also become more organized and therefore flow smoothly. Seeing messy things around us makes it more difficult for the brain to deal with information and focus on one task. On the other hand, having less things to look at can help our mind process information clearly and focus on the job at hand.

2. It helps to relieves stress
When you’re already stressed out, the last thing you really want to deal with is more chores. A clean home can provide an avenue for relaxation and creates an atmosphere to release stress. Even so, there are some people consider the act of cleaning as a stress reliever. Just make sure you pick a time in the day when there is least work, possibly early in the morning, to tidy the place up. You’ll thank yourself later if you see that “Clean the house” marked check in your To-Do list before anything else.

3. Can help us sleep better
Again, because cleanliness reduces stress and worry, it naturally translates to better sleep. Imagine going home from a tired day in work and you find that your room is a mess. And even when you’re already supposed to be asleep, you’re still cleaning the place. But, if you make your bed and clean your room after waking up in the morning, you won’t have to do anything too tedious when you get home and you can just instantly go to sleep. Additionally, having fresh bed and pillow sheets can actually help us to sleep better.

4. Keeps us safe from diseases
Handwashing is a small, simple and very quick to do, but it saves us from getting sick in many instances and we don’t even notice its impact. There are many things around us that are filled bacteria and germs that, if we are exposed to, can be harmful to our health. Simply keeping clean and having good hygiene is a factor in keeping ourselves healthy. Obviously, having a clean environment protects us from all sorts of illnesses. Simply having good hygiene and keeping our place clean can do us wonders.

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