Train Life in Singapore

30 Sep

Life in Singapore can be a little different as most people spend their time in buildings and underground rather than outside. Now why is that? Well, this is mostly because of the fact that the major places in Singapore are mostly connected by a train system. Trains in Singapore can help you get to almost anywhere you would want to go. Singapore is such a small place that it is rumoured that you could go around Singapore in just a day.

That saying is most likely to be true because of the train system that links everything to everything making it not a problem at all to get to where you want to go. Singapore is known to be very efficient which means that time spent on transportation is something you would want to reduce. Called the MRT and LRT, Singapore’s train system has about six routes in which one of them helps you get from the Changi Airport all the way to the Tuas Link on the other side.

When it comes to traveling by an MRT or LRT, you wouldn’t have to worry about it not being able to reach your desired location as there are MRT and LRT stops almost everywhere. It may be a bit difficult at first to find your way around, which specific MRTs or LRTs to ride, which stations to get off to, and maybe even how to deal with the busy crowd when it comes to public transportation.

Singaporeans walk fast which usually means that to get to a certain place, they would like to use the fastest means of transport available. The bus is still of great use to Singaporeans and they cover some of the places where the MRTs and LRTs won’t be able to reach. Getting from place to place in Singapore may involve a little bit of walking but once you get used to it and know where to look for the nearest MRTs and LRTs, getting around won’t be too bad.

The life in Singapore is oftentimes very busy, but do not forget to take a walk every once in a while maybe in your local park or a couple of blocks nearby. Public transportation may be really fast in Singapore but to be able to appreciate the beauty around, sometimes you have to slow down, take a deep breath, and enjoy Singapore.

How to Care for a Zebra Finch

30 Sep

The zebra finch (Taeniopygia guttata) is often recommended among beginner bird owners because it’s a hardy bird that is easy to care for. That doesn’t mean, however, that you should not provide it with the best possible home and food you can provide.

Proper Housing

Zebra finches are usually kept in pairs, because they need company all the time. If you do not want them to breed, however, you should not keep a pair of male and female zebra finches because they can produce offspring really fast. Ideally, a pair should be housed in a large aviary housing or a flight cage.

The bigger the wire cage, the better, because they need a large area for flying and hopping around. After all, zebra finches are active species that love to play and sing. The base of the cage must have sand sheets, bird sand or loose sand that is kept clean regularly. Place their food and water in glass bowls or dishes instead of plastic in one corner of the cage designated as a feeding area. The zebra finch will also need a different source of water for bathing, which can be provided either through a separate water dish or a plant spray.

Diet and Nutrition

Besides the usual diet of seeds and finch mix seeds, you should also supplement their food with grit, cuttlefish bone, oyster shells or charcoal, millet sprays, spinach, bread crumbs, corn bread, mashed hard-boiled eggs, and most fruits and vegetables except those listed below.

The grit, oyster shells, and charcoal are used by the bird to grind down the seeds in their gizzards, while the cuttlefish bone is their primary source of calcium. It will not need any food supplement as long as it has a healthy, varied diet. Fresh, clean water should also be provided all the time. However, you should avoid feeding the zebra finch the following: lettuce, rhubarb, avocado, onion, citrus fruits, and anything that contains caffeine or are too acidic.

Health and Care

The zebra finch does not like being handled all the time, although you can train them while they are still young to perch on your shoulders. However, they are not trainable like some parrot species and are more likely to get stressed or frightened if you try to be too friendly with them.

The most common illnesses can be avoided through proper housing and diet. If you place a band on its leg, however, you need to monitor signs of swelling, which might be caused by poor blood circulation. Because of its small size, you should also avoid letting your pet play with strings or any item that can tangle around its neck and feet. Other than its fragile legs, you should also care for its nails by clipping them if they get too long and watch out for the symptoms of air-sac mite infection.

How to Increase Your Dating Success According to Science

23 Aug

If you’re feeling left out still not having found your special someone, take some comfort in knowing that you are not alone. In fact, a 2014 Gall up marital status study conducted in the U.S shows that only 64% of millennials are in any kind of relationship. That means more than a third of us are in the single’s boat.

Of course, there are tons of benefits to being and staying solo–but so does having a permanent companionship. In today’s generation, finding and being a potential partner is quite of a challenge, so if you’re on this path, here are science-backed ways to improve your chances of finding a suitable partner online and off.

Dating Online

No matter what dating app you use, it takes time and right approach to earn a date. In an article published in, people who get online dating work for them have a strategy that is unique from the rest of the competition.

Dr. Justine Lehmiller, a dating expert, suggests elemental tips he drew out from the 86 scientific studies on how people can get better at online dating.

  • Have an attractive profile picture. You should pick something that gives off the impression that you’re attractive and friendly, by striking a genuine smile. According to studies, this feature is scientifically wired to positive impression, which is obviously what you want. The lights and angle matter, too! Should you want to upload a group photo, choose one where you’re positioned in the middle and the photo exudes a positive vibe that shows you are cool and fun to be around. 

    • Have an engaging biography. Make your bio be a solid mixture of who you are and what you’re searching for. Studies suggests that the optimal ratio of your profile description is 70% personal info and 30% what you want in a partner. Personal information should emphasize activities you enjoy and less of your accomplishments as it would seem you have inflated ego where everything is all about you.
    • Inject some humor in your profile. Being funny is one of the top 3 traits both gender (regardless of sexual orientation) is looking for in a partner as resulted from a worldwide survey (representing 53 countries) by Archives of Sexual Behavior. Although studies back this one up, it’s a no-brainer that a great sense of humor is sexy! Be that as it may, don’t post something like, “I’m funny,” because it doesn’t present any evidence that indeed you are! You can inject humor through jokes or witty statements, you got to give it a try!

    Dating Offline

    Anyone who has been on a handful of dates can tell you what you should and should not do on a date. But in reality, what will and will not work heavily lies on the person you are with. To figure this out would mean listening attentively (stop checking your phone and talking about yourself the whole time) and understanding your date’s body language.

    • Go beyond food and drinks. Typical dates might be grabbing a drink or a bite. They’re pretty safe but as Psychologist and couple counselor Wyatt Fisher explains, these activities can quickly become awkward as they are extreme than a circumstance where the focus is something else other than yourselves. Fisher suggests activities like concerts, bowling or comedy shows—alternative source of entertainment when awkward silence occurs.

    • Be in the moment. It’s undebatable that having someone who shows genuine interest in what you’re talking about and who is present in the moment is desirable. According to Samantha Joel, Ph. D. of University of Texas in Austin, “demonstrating an interest in what another person’s saying and being mindful of their sensitivities before inserting your own opinion are desirable qualities anyone would want in a mate.” So refrain from talking more of yourself and constantly checking your gadget.

    Singapore Skies

    23 Aug

    Singapore is home to two luxury major airlines around the world namely Silk Air and Singapore Airlines and though people do not talk much about the Singaporean skies, they should definitely see what Singapore has to offer. There are a lot of pilots in Singapore and there are available cadet programs for those bold souls who dream about the skies from the ground where they stand.

    A cadet program is where a certain airline company helps a certain student to become a pilot all the way from the finances up until the connections and though these programs may seem kind and generous, they are very hard to apply for. Becoming an aviation student in Singapore is very advantageous should you want to work anywhere else in the world because of the standard and the reputation that you are bringing with you.

    Now how about those who enjoy casual flying and not just those who want to take up becoming a pilot as their career? Well, let’s start with Singapore Airlines! Singapore Airlines was founded way back in the 1940s but we will spare you the details and cut straight to how you are going to enjoy your experience at the Singapore Airlines.

    Singapore Airlines was the launch customer for the Airbus A380 which is considered the world’s largest passenger plane and if the small size of this country amazes you, the size of this aircraft will amaze you! The thing about Singapore Airlines is that they bring affordable luxury to the regular people and not just to the elites when it comes to flying, although for those who do not see money as a problem, Singapore Airlines is still really good for them.

    Silk Air on the other hand is one of the more popular airlines by reputation as they tend to invest more on the elite customers and although they may be very expensive, you will see why. Have you ever ad airplane food that tasted bad? Almost all the time right? Not for Silk Air, even the smallest details as to the food are made sure to be served at perfection.

    From the food alone, you could tell that your flight experience would be amazing. Flying in Singapore is not as hard as it is for other countries as Singaporeans are privileged with a passport which allows them to travel very easily. Make sure to make the most out of your Singaporean passport and experience Singapore not just on land, but in the skies as well.

    The Art of Drinking Whisky

    10 Jul

    Whisky is one of the most popular spirits, but most people know it because it’s used in cocktails.

    How Whisky is Made

    Whisky or whiskey (scotch from Scotland and bourbon from US) is made from grain, yeast, and water, but the different types are distinguished by the grains used. The most common are barley, wheat, rye, and corn. However, all whisky is aged in wooden barrels or casks. Today there are at least 14 types of whisky classified based on the region where it was made, but the process of making the whisky is nearly identical.

    First, the grain is germinated in a process called malting and then mashed or the combination of ground malt with water. The product of mashing is the wort. Next, yeast is added to the wort for fermentation. The time for fermentation varies among the distilleries, and then the liquid is distilled to remove the impurities. Some distill whisky twice or thrice. Finally, the whisky is matured by storing them in casks, usually oak. Whisky has a minimum of three years of maturation before it is bottled.

    The Benefits of Whisky

    When consumed in moderation, whisky is known for its stress-reducing abilities. Unlike beer, a glass of whisky won’t make you fat because it doesn’t contain sugar and instead has ellagic acid which can help control glucose production in the liver. Because it has antioxidants, too, whisky is good for boosting memory, controlling cholesterol levels, boosting the immune system, and slowing down the effects of aging.

    Whisky Food Pairings

    Pairing food with whisky can be tricky as the flavors and aromas have different effects, but generally, lightly sweet whisky are best paired with creamy and lightly flavored dishes, while medium-bodied whisky is best suited for smoked, roasted, seared or braised dishes. Light whisky can be paired with sushi, creamy cheese, crab, smoked salmon, and cranachan, while medium-bodied whisky is best consumed with smoked mussels, oysters, bacon, duck, venison, and scallops.

    Full-bodied whisky should be paired with roasted, grilled, and baked dishes as well as richly-flavored food. Try mince or pecan pies, dark chocolate, toffee pudding, gingerbread, roast venison, and seared steak. Strong whisky on the other hand need equally tasty food that will not be overpowered by the drink such as strong blue cheese, mature cheddar, hot-smoked salmon, anchovy spreads or dips, and haggis.

    The Best Whisky Cocktails

    If you don’t like whisky on the rock, try these cocktail recipes instead:

    • Cameron’s Kick: 1 ounce Irish whisky, 1 ounce blended scotch, .5 ounce orgeat, and .5 ounce lemon juice
    • Old-Fashioned Espresso: 1 ounce rye whiskey, 1 double shot espresso, .25 ounce simple syrup, 1 lemon peel, and 1 dash Peychaud’s bitters
    • Blinker: 2 ounce rye whiskey, .5 ounce grapefruit juice, .25 ounce raspberry syrup, and grapefruit twist for garnish
    • Carthusian Sazerac: 2.5 ounce rye whiskey, .50 ounce simple syrup, .25 ounce green chartreuse, 2 dashes lemon bitters, absinthe rinse, and 1 lemon twist
    • Sage-Germain Sour: 2 ounces Irish whisky, .5 ounce honey-sage syrup, .75 ounce lemon juice, and .25 ounce St-Germain
    • Ginger Highball: 2 ounces whisky, 3 ounces ginger ale, and 3 lemon slices

    9 Frozen Cocktail Recipes You Should Try

    9 Jul

    Need new cocktail recipes to impress your friends? Try these delicious concoctions on your next get-together.

    Sunrise Margarita

    • Ingredients: ¾ cup tequila, ½ cup frozen orange juice concentrate, 1 ½ cups orange juice, 2 tablespoons Cointreau (or triple sec), 3 cups crushed ice, 2 tablespoons lime juice, ¼ cup grenadine, 1 lime wedge, coarse sea salt, and 4 orange slices or maraschino cherries
    • Preparation: Run the lime wedge on the rims of glasses then dip in salt. Then combine orange juice, orange juice concentrate, Cointreau, tequila, and lime juice in a blender. Next, add ice and pulse until mixture looks smooth. Divide the margarita, tilt the glasses to add 1 tablespoon of grenadine on the side to let it sink at the bottom of the glass. Serve with orange slices or cherries.

    Lime Daiquiri

    • Ingredients: 1 ½ ounces fresh lime juice, 1 ounce simple syrup, 2 ounces gold or aged rum, ¾ cup ice, and lime wedges
    • Preparation: Combine all the ingredients in the blender. Once the desired thickness is achieved, pour into a chilled glass then garnish with the lime wedges.

    Melon and Lime Slushy

    • Ingredients: ¼ cup fresh lime juice, 6 cups diced cantaloupe/watermelon/honeydew, ½ cup sugar, ½ cup mezcal or silver tequila, ½ cup water, and 1 teaspoons thyme leaves and sprigs
    • Preparation: Freeze melon for at least an hour. In a food processor, combine melon, sugar, thyme, lime juice, and tequila until smooth. Then, add lime juice and sugar. Serve slush with thyme sprigs.

    Sicilian Slush

    • Ingredients: ¼ cup orange juice, ¼ cup lemon juice, ½ cup Campari, ¼ cup gin, ¼ cup simple syrup, 6 cups ice, and 4 orange wheels
    • Preparation: Combine all ingredients in a blender until smooth. Serve with orange wheels.

    Strawberry Frosѐ

    • Ingredients: 2 cups strawberries, ¼ cup lemon juice, ½ cup vodka, 750 mL chilled rose, and ice
    • Preparation: Combine half the ingredients each in the blender, then do the same for the remaining half. Serve with strawberries.


    • Ingredients: ½ ounce blue curacao, ½ ounce cream of coconut, 2 ounces vodka (or coconut vodka), 1 scoop vanilla ice cream, ½ cup pineapples, ½ cup ice, and pineapple slice
    • Preparation: Combine all the ingredients in a blender until the mixture looks smooth. Add more ice or ice cream if the mixture is either too thin or thick. Pour into a chilled glass then garnish with pineapple slice.

    Peach Cocktail

    • Ingredients: 3 cups frozen peaches, 1 ounce water, 6 ounces whiskey, 2 ounces honey, 1 ounce fresh lime juice, 1 ounce fresh lemon juice, 1/8 teaspoon ground cardamom, and 2 cups ice
    • Preparation: Combine all the ingredients in a blender until the mixture looks smooth. This recipe makes four servings.

    Mango Castaway

    • Ingredients: 2 cups frozen mango, 4 ounces coconut rum, 6 ounces aged rum, 5 tablespoons sweetened condensed milk, 4 cups ice, and sliced fruit or maraschino cherries
    • Preparation: Combine all the ingredients in a blender until mixture looks smooth. Garnish with fruits when serving.

    Watermelon Slush

    • Ingredients: 3 cups seedless watermelon, 2 scoops lemon sorbet, 1 cup frozen strawberries, ¼ cup pineapple juice, 2 tablespoons lime juice
    • Preparation: Combine all ingredients in a blender until smooth. This recipe makes four servings.

    10 Best Animes with Adult Protagonists

    9 Jul

    Most anime protagonists are teenagers who are either trying to overcome new challenges or are searching for that one thing that can make them happy. Once in a while, however, a series with an adult protagonist delivers an even better story than the fast-paced action series for the younger audience.

    Here are 10 of the best anime with adult protagonists.

    Inuyashiki (2017)

    When a middle-aged man was struck dead by a mysterious craft at a park one night after learning he was going to die from cancer, Inuyashiki Ichiro found new meaning in life by using his strange powers. Unfortunately, he was not the only person who was changed that night. But how could a seemingly invincible machine beat another of his kind?

    Monster (2004)

    When Doctor Kenzo Tenma learned that one of the patients he saved turned out into a serial killer, he was forced to follow a trail of horror about the origins of a “monster.” However, he felt responsible for having saved the serial killer as an infant, who also cost him his career.

    Tiger & Bunny (2011)

    Kotetsu Kaburagi was a pro hero, but he wasn’t very successful. When an opportunity came to team him up with an upcoming hero Barnaby Brooks Jr., the situation seems to have taken a turn for the worse.

    Coyote Ragtime (2006)

    When a well-known pirate king died and left his wealth to his daughter, a civil war prevented the young Franca from granting his father’s request. But with the help of a ragtag of space pirates, Franca just might be able to make it before civil war destroys the planet.

    Usagi Drop (2011)

    Daikichi Kawachi was in for a surprise when he learned that his recently-deceased grandfather fathered an illegitimate daughter. Daikichi took pity for the girl after seeing how she was treated by the rest of the family and decides to become her father.

    Psycho-Pass (2012)

    Akane Tsunemori and Shinya Kogami, members of a criminal investigation department are chasing after a mysterious criminal mastermind who seems to be out of grasp of the authorities. To the horror of Akane, however, she learns that Makishima cannot be classified as a criminal by the system.

    Cowboy Bebop (1998)

    Aboard the spaceship Bebop, bounty hunters Spike Spiegel and Jet Black are joined by new companions Faye, Edward, and Ein. While chasing criminals and having a few mishaps along the way, Spike is haunted by the rival Red Dragon Syndicate.

    One-Punch Man (2015)

    Saitama was getting bored of his super-human powers because he could defeat enemies with just one punch. It didn’t matter who challenged him, and it was only a matter of time until another hero wannabe noticed his amazing strength.

    Gangsta (2015)

    Worick Arcangelo and Nicolas Brown take on the most dangerous jobs that even the police cannot handle. Ergastulum, however, is more than just a town full of criminals and mafia.

    Shouwa Genroku Rakugo (2016)

    Yotarou is finally free and now that he has a chance to start a new life, he decides to study Rakugo or comedic storytelling.

    4 Bedroom Remodelling Ideas that Won’t Break Your Bank

    21 Jun

    It’s easy to stick to a single layout and arrangement when you don’t have the time or money to do so. However, changing your bedroom’s appearance doesn’t have to be really expensive or time-consuming. In fact, a renovation could be as simple as a remodel using items that you already have or are easy to get. Here are five amazing renovating ideas for your bedroom that won’t break your bank:

    1. Change up your paint scheme
    Color trends won’t always follow the color schemes you want for your bedroom, so if just moved into your new HDB flat or condo unit, you might feel the urge to repaint your bedroom to suit your tastes. If you’re not sure what colors to paint you bedroom with, some safe color options to choose from would usually depend on the size of the room. For instance, larger bedrooms would benefit from having a darker, more relaxing color scheme, while smaller bedrooms would look amazing in neutrals, grays, or even pastels.

    Having a minimalist approach to renovation will work wonders for your bedroom as well. Your furniture’s colors can also be a point of reference when you want to make any changes, as this would allow you to coordinate your bedroom’s colors better and make a theme.

    2. Moving furniture around
    If you want to change your bedroom’s ambiance, you can try moving the furniture around and changing their positions to find a new configuration that feels more welcoming to you. Wall decorations are also a safe bet – you can make it yourself and use them to improve the furniture that you have over a single afternoon.

    3. Remake for more storage
    You can never go wrong with adding a few more cabinets or storage areas in your room. While it can take a little more time, giving your things a designated place will do a lot to make any area feel less cramped. For instance, you can remake your bed in order to accommodate cabinets with the right tools and by making the right estimates on the cabinet sizes.

    4. Add a reading corner
    If you’ve always wanted to have a dedicated area for reading, all you need to do is take a specific area of your bedroom and take your favorite chair there. Be sure to add a decent light source for reading as well as a small table for the books you’re reading. Even if you don’t read a lot of books, this can still work for you because you now have a cozy chair and a standing lamp in the corner of your room that you can lounge about in whenever you feel like it.

    How to Stain a Wooden Table in Five Easy Steps

    21 Jun

    Part of a DIY project, such as a table, is the finishing. Doing this not only protects your table, but also brings out its natural colors and makes it much more appealing to have in any area in your home, whether it’s your living room or your dining area.

    Here’s how you can stain your table in five easy steps:

    1. Fill any exposed holes with plaster or putty. Part of preparing wood furniture is by sanding it first with coarse sandpaper, and then moving on to finer grit until the wood is smooth to the touch.

    2. Allow the plaster dry before staining. Once the plaster or putty has fully dried, apply your wood stain of choice using a tack cloth and sweep it in one direction along the grain for smoother results.

    Keep in mind that stain can either be water- or oil-based, though there are hybrid products that are available in your local hardware store.

    On one hand, water stains are safer and don’t give off any dangerous fumes, but they tend to cause streaking if you’re not careful. On the other hand, oil stains are more user-friendly but they tend to be more difficult to clean and produce stronger fumes.

    3. Wipe off the stain. Before the stain has fully dried, wipe off any excess and wait for five minutes. Wipe off in a circular motion using a line-free rag.

    Repeat this with the other sections of the table to ensure a consistent color throughout your table and let it dry for eight hours of so. Once this is done, proceed to apply the first coat.

    4. Apply the first clear coat. Once the stain has fully dried, it’s important to apply your finish in order to protect both the wood and the stain. There are different types of finish that you can use.

    Two of the most commonly used finishes are polyurethane and tung oil because of their durability.

    Apply the first clear coat using a brush and follow along the direction of the wood grain for even results. Wait for it to dry completely before proceeding to apply the second coat.

    5. Wait to dry before applying the second coat. Apply the second coat in the same way as the previous coat – go along the grain in order to achieve a more even finish.

    Having two coats not only protects the timber, but also allows the natural grain to shine better.

    However, before applying the second coat, lightly sand every surface a fine-grit sand paper. Once done, proceed to apply the second coat for a greater luster and leave it to dry for six hours.

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