How Cell Phones Affect Relationships

11 May

Cell phones are gift to humanity. The advent of cell phones made our lives more connected and easier. It facilitates communication but in truth, it drifts us apart because it affects quality time interactions. Cell phones undermine interactions because it serves as a distraction. With that, students from NTU (Nanyang Technological University) launched a campaign that stresses the significance of quality interaction.


Not all people are aware of how annoying cell phones have become. When you talk with your friends, cell phones compete for their attention too. You will find that your friends are constantly checking their cell phones for updates and messages that you think they are not listening to you. For some, checking phones during conversations is fine but for others, it is purely annoying and distracting. Cell phones affects relationships. Here’s how:

1.       Relationship Quality

Relationship is felt by the heart. It is necessary to spend time with your friends or family so you can say that you have a good relationship. When you are together, you talk but how can you maintain a conversation if you are constantly distracted with your cell phones and its updates? The quality of relationship will be compromised.

2.       Response

It was mentioned earlier that cell phones serve as a distraction when you are having a conversation. That is true. You will notice that when you are talking but your friend is texting, the response is delayed. Sometimes you will wait for the response because your friend is indulge in his/her phone. The slow response will reduce the warmth and the enthusiasm.


3.       Empathy

When you are with your friends or family, talking is part of the fun. You have to listen and respond appropriately but how can you do that when you are too busy checking the stream of updates and text messages? Sometimes, our family or friends need someone to talk to and listen. You can be that person if you do not include cell phones in the conversation.

Many people ignore the effects of cell phones in their relationships because they are too absorbed in social media updates and texting. They are so busy with their online or text messaging life that they fail to appreciate what is in front of them. So, the next time you meet with your friends or you go out with the family, keep your cell phones away from you and simply enjoy the moments together. You cannot redo or turn back those moments you know. You have to give importance to the real thing and not rely on updates and text messaging.



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