5 Signs You Need to Go On a Vacation, NOW!  

11 May


From time to time, we need to go on a vacation at some point in the year. However, some of us just need it right away. Why? Here are the reasons why you might need to take a vacation from your hectic life right now!


  1. You crave for change, but hate it at the same time.

You keep telling your friends (or yourself) that you need a change, but are not working for it; perhaps, because you’re just so used to your day-to-day routine that you’re afraid to let a bit of change come into your life, even if it’s just a short vacation.

  1. You can’t remember the last time you socialized.

Your social life is non-existent. Ask yourself, when was the last time you went out with friends for drinks? If you cannot remember, you certainly need time to take a break buddy! What more if you just come home to sleep, shower, and sometimes eat dinner? It’s definitely a sign that you need to pack your bags soon.


  1. You feel overwhelmed so easily.

Whether your colleagues, friends, boss, or family says something insensitively to you, you react unreasonably. You feel like crying or feel irritated by those people. These could be early signs of depression, so make sure to unwind every once in a while to refresh and clear your mind.

  1. You wander aimlessly in life.

If lately you’re feeling that you are wandering away from your goals or having difficulty on focusing on one thing, you might need a refresher to get you back on track. A weekend getaway or even just an overnight camping will greatly help in regaining your ambitions in life.

  1. You feel tired and sleepy most of the time.

No matter how much you sleep and rest, you still feel tired most of your day. This happens because your mind and body is bored of the same routine you have every day. Your body and mind need change and a good reason to get out of the bed—and that would be a vacation.

Taking a vacation causes no harm, and in fact refreshes the mind. Don’t wait for these signs to arise and start planning for your vacation now.


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