Say Goodbye to Big Pores!

29 May

5 Easy Ways to Make Your Pores Look Smaller

Large pores is one of the most hard-to-treat skin issues. They don’t just make your makeup application time-consuming, they also make you extra conscious of your face. Sadly, there’s just nothing you can do to deal with this issue permanently, but through these makeup tricks, minimizing the appearance of your pores is possible.


  1. Use Non-Comedogenic Makeup Products. If you want to make your pores appear as small as possible, then it’s important that you keep your skin clean and clear all the time. One good way to achieve this is by using a non-comedogenic product to ensure that your pores won’t get clogged and worsen the problem.
  1. Opt for a Pore-Filling Primer. While it may seem like a no-brainer, opting for a pore-filling primer is definitely your best bet when it comes to minimizing the appearance of your pores. Most pore-filling primers are silicone-based, making it ideal for smoothing the skin and creating an even canvas. Just dab a small amount of primer into the problem areas and see how it immediately shrinks your pores.
  1. Buff Your Foundation. One thing that contributes to the large appearance of our pores is the way we apply our foundation. Brushing your foundation over your large pores only emphasizes them even more. Luckily, this can be avoided by buffing your foundation in circular motion and pressing it into your skin. The buffing motion will aid in covering your pores, while pressing helps in filling them in.


  1. Powder Properly. Other than locking in foundation and controlling the oiliness brought by your large pores, using powder also aids in minimizing and filling in the appearance of pores when it’s applied the right way. Instead of sweeping it over your face using your brush, use a powder puff to press and roll some loose powder into your skin. Just like with pressing your foundation, pressing powder will also aid in filling your pores.
  1. Skip the Shimmery and Dewy Products. Using shimmery products only emphasizes the problematic areas on the face, including large pores. So, it would be best to stick with matte makeup products to avoid drawing unwanted attention on your large pores.

While it’s quite impossible to permanently shrink the size of your pores, minimizing their appearance is still possible by using and following the aforementioned makeup tricks. With this, you can already stop stressing over how large your pores are and feel beautiful as long as you want.

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