4 Tips for Starting a Podcast

6 Aug

Podcasts have become more popular over the years – they’re a good way to reach an audience that you wouldn’t otherwise connect to with just your blog. Because more and more people listen to it every day, starting one is a great for bringing in potential traffic.

Here are some tips to follow when starting a podcast:

1. Invest in a quality microphone
Audio quality is crucial – the mistake of buying a cheap microphone affects your chances of having a base following severely even if you have everything else covered. If done right, the technical aspects of each podcast should be invisible to your followers.

You can also look up quality mics that are available in your area. The same goes for other equipment. If you’re looking to produce a video with your podcast, your room should be well-lit. Any editing should be done cleanly and professionally.

2. Keep the room soundproof
Your workspace is particularly important when starting a podcast. When you look at professional recording studios, you’ll notice that they’re covered head to toe in soundproof padding to prevent the microphone from picking up unwanted noise.

However, you don’t have to rent a room and cover it in soundproof foam. There are many ways to keep your audio quality high, such as noise-cancelling microphones, or even pop filters to filter P’s and T’s.

3. Stay consistent with your release dates
Planning your episodes, from the number to the topics, so you have a clear idea on what you want from your podcast. For instance, you can set a topic for each week or month, and each episode for that time period will be talking about an aspect of that topic.

Like blogs, podcasts need to be consistent with their release dates – if you air a new episode every Wednesday, for instance, stick to it. When you have a regular schedule with your content, all you need to worry about is creating and editing.

4. Keep your interviews interesting
If your format is focused on interviews, start with interviewees who are both relevant and/or compelling. You might even ask more prominent personalities to do an interview with you, but this can be a little more difficult to pull off.

Interviews through the phone or over the internet run the risk of having a lower quality. As much as possible, do your interviews in person – not only do they improve the audio, but it also makes you both feel more comfortable, and the conversation more engaging.

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