Pros and Cons of CRM

15 Aug

There is no one standard to setting up an effective customer relationship management for all types of companies, but the goal is the same: to make the loyal customers happy and to create reasons for prospective customers to buy your merchandise and/or services. With the help of an effective CRM software, however, it will be easier for companies in Singapore to focus on improving other aspects of the company.

These are the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a CRM system, such as cloud CRM, for your business.

CRM Helps Both Large and Small Companies

Although a CRM software seems sophisticated for startup companies, client relations can be greatly improved for both small-time and large corporations because it can be integrated easily with any existing system. A cloud CRM, for example, will not need a high cost of setup because the service provider is responsible for the software maintenance and updates.

Better Data Organization

Having a CRM system means you can build up a customer database for more competent operations of your business here in Singapore. With a comprehensive lead management software, it’s easier to handle clients, organize processes and increase your company’s overall bottom line.

Sales reports and forecasting can be generated with the touch of a button and there is room for fewer errors because everyone has the same access to the same set of data. Better data organization also leads to better team communication, allowing the employees to focus on improving customer relationship management.

Software Provides Various Features

Traditional sales management tools cannot provide additional features such as accurate sales and forecasting, data sorting, up-to-date consumer contacts, and data filtering. It also has reporting templates, lead management, sales tracking that can be integrated easily with other existing software in the office. With these new tools, your account management team can handle most of the problems associated with keeping loyal customers interested in the products and/or services and manage prospects for future sales.

Security Can Be an Issue

By partnering with a third-party provider, there are issues regarding the security of the data especially when it comes to customer profiles and transactions. The centralized erp software is also vulnerable to data hacking and might be too dependent on the provider to continue operating. Fortunately, the software provider in Singapore can find solutions for these setbacks, such as backup systems, better supervision, and encryption safeguards.

CRM Might Be Difficult to Navigate

An automated client managing solution will reduce instances of human error, but it also takes away the human element in the business. It will also take some time for the employees to learn how to operate the new CRM software not just for generating the usual sales reports but for other tasks as well. This problem can be addressed, however, with a proper training right after the new system is introduced in the office. Add to that an effective technical support that might be an added cost if the third-party service provider cannot provide you with one.

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