Security Benefits of the Biometric Door Access System and CCTV

30 May

Most sophisticated government, commercial, and industrial buildings in Singapore have several interconnected security systems in place that monitor, identify, and alert occupants during security threats and emergencies. Let’s look at the perks of using modern CCTV systems in combination with high-tech door access systems like biometric door access system.

• There are various types of biometric door access system for all types of public and private buildings in Singapore such as face recognition, voice identification, biometric thumbprint or fingerprint scanning, card and pin access doors, and many more
• Biometric doors are not just used for keeping unauthorized personnel out of specific areas, but biometric technology in general can be used for general facility access, inventory control, locking vehicles, locking smart phones, security of machinery, and time and attendance monitoring

• Biometric door technology eliminates the tendency of employees to lose keys, cards, IDs, and passwords used in traditional door access systems
• Live biometrics can be used to scan heavy-traffic areas like public places in real time, allowing security personnel to continuously monitor for threats
• The fingerprint scanning and facial biometric can be used in combination with other door access systems such as auto open and lock entry points to upgrade current security measures
• The biometric door camera can also function as a security camera connected to the intercom system to allow faster security response in case of threats or emergencies
• The footage from an office camera can serve as additional resource for evidence in case the biometric door access systems have been bypassed by an unauthorized person

• There are two options in most CCTV camera types such as the IP camera and the analog camera depending on the security level required in a building
• Installing a surveillance camera such as the more sophisticated IP CCTV can act as a visual crime deterrent, because criminals are less likely to target facilities that have high-tech security systems
• Small businesses and offices in Singapore can install an analog camera instead of an IP camera and still enjoy the same benefits of a more secure perimeter at a lower cost
• A security camera can be installed on blind spots around the perimeter to augment security measures already in place
• Security cameras can be easily integrated with other technology solutions such as biometric system and intercom system to help easier identification of unauthorized personnel

• Both the biometric system and CCTV are low-maintenance technology as long as the occasional servicing is met
• The CCTV camera not only monitors potential security threats or gathers footage for evidence of a crime, but it can also be used to monitor employee activity
• Besides security, these cameras can be used to solve disputes among clients or customer or between employees because the footage can serve as evidence
• The biometric door access and IP camera can help track movement of employees, deliveries of merchandise, and operations within the premises as part of the record-keeping process

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