Easy Snapchat Guide for Beginners

6 Nov

Snapchat is fast becoming one of the most popular social media applications worldwide. It’s an enjoyable way of sending photos and videos to friends, family and followers.

Snapchat, launched in 2011, is a mobile app that allows users to take photos and videos to be posted and viewed by the user’s followers. The captured photos and videos, also called “snaps” can be edited however way you like- by adding captions, filters or doodles.


Each snap can be viewed for 10 seconds only and after which, it self-destructs. It is a convenient way of updating your friends and family without eating up your mobile phone’s memory.

For people who have heard of Snapchat but find it too complicated for them, we give you a simplified guide on joining in on the fun.


  1. Download the app and sign up

Download Snapchat from Google Play (Android) or App Store (iOS) for free. Once it is successfully installed, open the app and create and account. Enter your email address, birthday and password on the space provided for and then click on the Sign Up button once you’re done.

Snapchat users have to be at least 13 years of age. You will be asked to verify your identity and personal details using your cellphone number. After keying in the number, you will then receive a six-digit confirmation code. After verifying that the code is correct, you are now ready for the next stage.


  1. Adding your contacts

Your contact numbers will be imported to Snapchat to help you find people in your address book that you can follow. In the same way, other users who have your contact details on their phone can find you on Snapchat too.

You can add all contacts or you can choose people who you want to add. You can see your added contacts on the “My Friends” tab.

To add friends later on, simply tap the icon of a person with the plus sign and now, you can see all the snaps of your added contacts. You can also search for the username of the user you wish to add.


  1. Set your preferences

You can adjust your settings depending on your preferences. Here you can also edit your personal information and notification settings.


  1. Creating your snap

Finally, you can now create your personal snap by capturing photos or videos with your own camera. Edit and make it fun however way you like. Add a caption, a funny filter or draw some doodles on it. Choose the time limit and then send it. You also have the option of saving the snap on your phone.


  1. View your contacts’ snaps

To view unopened snaps from your contacts, tick on the number displayed on the bottom-left of the screen. The number indicates the number of snaps you have yet to open.


  1. Creating Stories

Like snaps, Stories are photos of videos you create and capture. The only difference is that Stories can be published on your own feed and can be seen by you or your friends.

To view stories from your friends, look for their username on the “My Friends” page and simply tap on their name to see their entire feed.Snapchat_Stories

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