Curtain Cleaning Techniques You Can Do at Home

12 Sep

The thing with having thick and heavy curtains is that, they are often difficult to give a proper washing. These big curtains may be grand to the eyes and can welcome any house guest invitingly, but they also require tremendous efforts when it comes to maintenance and proper curtain cleaning.

This can be a hassle to employees who have a tight work schedule, or to those who know nothing about the fundamentals of curtain cleaning, thus a number of them turn to avail commercial curtain cleaning services. Paying for their services seem like a convenient option to take, but if you’re running on a tight budget – these payment per session can accumulate over time.

With that in mind, you can save a few dollars by cleaning your curtains yourself. This is ideally to be done regularly to avoid dirt build-up and prolonged staining. However, if the dirt and stains stay even after you gave it a washing, contact the nearest curtain cleaning service shop in Singapore and ask for assistance.

Steam cleaning

This method is considered one thorough way to clean your curtains. A hot water steamer is generally used for this, but there are also other types of cleaners sold in Singapore market which are widely available for convenient home use. Notably, they are not that expensive – so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank when buying the product.

These cleaners from in Singapore must be used in the same manner as you would vacuum the curtains, with gentle strokes and while they are in their hanging position. Think of this as one great alternative to curtain dry cleaning!


Vacuuming is probably the easiest way to personally clean your curtains. As was mentioned in the previous paragraph, the ideal way to vacuum your curtains is through gentle strokes as they hang near the windows. This must also be done regularly to get rid of dirt and dust (that may build-up overtime if overlooked). Ceiling fans or windows leak-in are usually the reason behind these dust, but there are cases when they just occur naturally.

A useful tip to this curtain cleaning method is to make use of the soft brush attachment that is on the vacuum cleaner. Make sure to avoid any cords or fringes that may be ruined once in contact with the vacuum, as you would want to ensure your curtain is safe and sound. Also do not pull the vacuum a little too hard to avoid letting the curtain fall from the rod.

Shake out

You don’t have to rummage all across Singapore for the best curtain cleaning centers. In fact, you can give your curtains a simple shaking if you want to clean them quickly. This is best done when the drapes are hanged or removed from the rods that hold them. It’s discouraged to possibly contaminate the other surfaces of your home though – so make sure you shake them out outside the house.

However, merely shaking your curtains will not work with too much dust and dirt build-up. If your curtains haven’t been cleaned in a while, it’s best to take them to the nearest cleaning shop.

Dry clean

Yes, you read that right. There is a way for you to do curtain dry cleaning at home, saving you from a long trip to the cleaning shop and from paying the service fee. You can make use of dry cleaning solvents in your steam cleaner to keep your curtains clean. But, only do so if you are a hundred percent sure the material of your curtains is compatible with dry cleaning. Do your research on the fabric prior to the washing, and if there’s any manufacturer label tag attached to the curtain, then read on it.

If you remain unsure, it is much better to avail commercial curtain cleaning services. These professionals know how to handle your fabric with utmost caution and care. They know how to wash your drapes properly, thus avoiding the material’s ruin.

Lint brush

This curtain cleaning technique is perfect for heavy curtains that are difficult to maneuver and take down. In fact, using a lint brush to clean your curtains can be done on a regular basis and is considered to be quite simple and quick. This is also ideal for curtains which are made of velvet-like material, or other similar fabric.

Fabric softener

Also considered as a quick way to clean your curtains, using a fabric softener dryer sheet can be effective in making your curtains as soft and fragrant as ever. Rub the product along the curtain similarly as you would apply the lint roller brush. You’ll undoubtedly feel relaxed as it leaves a pleasant scent on the curtains that would linger for long. The aromatic scent is a nice welcome to house guests too!

Remove odors

If your main concern is the odor of your curtains, not the dust and dirt build-up, you can always make use of fragrant room sprays that are widely accessible at almost every store in the city-state. You can choose from different brands and a variety of scents available – from lavender to fresh linen. Spraying your curtains quickly cleans the fabric and leaves a fragrant scent at the same time.

Not only that, the rest of your room is bound to smell pleasant as well. This makes the house smell cozy and welcoming. If you are a pet owner or a smoker, it is advised for you to spray clean your curtains as much as possible.

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