Unknown Health Dangers in Your Home Uncovered

19 Apr

You believe that the home is the safest place on earth. That is true because your home is the epitome of safety, security and stability but not at all times. You have to know that there are unknown dangers in your home and it is time that you know them. These unknown dangers should be tackled before it can take a toll on your health and the people around you.


If you spend more time in your home, it is important that you are aware of unseen forces or unknown dangers lurking. This article will discuss about the dangers in your home that are too minute for you to recognize and its solution.

coli and Salmonella

coli and salmonella are forms of bacteria that can upset intestinal tract. If intestinal tract is upset, it can cause symptoms like diarrhoea or worse, dehydration. You can get E. coli and salmonella from handing or eating raw foods that are contaminated like eggs, beef, fruits, eggs and vegetables. The best defence is washing hands before and after handling food. When using cutting boards you have to make sure to secure separate ones for vegetables, fruits and meat. More importantly, cook meats and poultry products to safe temperature.

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is odourless and flavourless. You do not know you are inhaling it unless you become sick already or worse, it can lead to death. Contamination will happen if organic fuel is burned without the proper ventilation system. Sources of carbon monoxide include kerosene, wood stoves, fireplaces, gas water heaters and smoke. The least that you can do to prevent contamination is to have a technician install heating system as well as a carbon monoxide detector.



Exposure to lead is highly toxic. The Singaporean government implemented strict standards when it comes to consumer products and their lead content. However, lead is present in homes. It can be found in paints, dust, water and even soil. If you are worried about your house’s lead content, make sure to get a kit and consult risk assessors.


Wherever there is moisture, organic material and oxygen, mold will be present. Any damp area in your room is a potential for mold growth. Exposure can cause cough, eye irritation, sinus congestion and the like. The best defence is to clean the mold. You have to use non-ammonia cleaner when removing mold.


You use pesticides to kill flea, mosquitoes and roaches. You think that mothballs are sage but it is not. If it is not properly used or stored, you will have breathing problems. The best solution is to always read the instructions. Store the products in a locked cabinet and keep it out of reach of children.

wpc fall 2008 1 mothballs

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