How to Increase Your Dating Success According to Science

23 Aug

If you’re feeling left out still not having found your special someone, take some comfort in knowing that you are not alone. In fact, a 2014 Gall up marital status study conducted in the U.S shows that only 64% of millennials are in any kind of relationship. That means more than a third of us are in the single’s boat.

Of course, there are tons of benefits to being and staying solo–but so does having a permanent companionship. In today’s generation, finding and being a potential partner is quite of a challenge, so if you’re on this path, here are science-backed ways to improve your chances of finding a suitable partner online and off.

Dating Online

No matter what dating app you use, it takes time and right approach to earn a date. In an article published in, people who get online dating work for them have a strategy that is unique from the rest of the competition.

Dr. Justine Lehmiller, a dating expert, suggests elemental tips he drew out from the 86 scientific studies on how people can get better at online dating.

  • Have an attractive profile picture. You should pick something that gives off the impression that you’re attractive and friendly, by striking a genuine smile. According to studies, this feature is scientifically wired to positive impression, which is obviously what you want. The lights and angle matter, too! Should you want to upload a group photo, choose one where you’re positioned in the middle and the photo exudes a positive vibe that shows you are cool and fun to be around. 

    • Have an engaging biography. Make your bio be a solid mixture of who you are and what you’re searching for. Studies suggests that the optimal ratio of your profile description is 70% personal info and 30% what you want in a partner. Personal information should emphasize activities you enjoy and less of your accomplishments as it would seem you have inflated ego where everything is all about you.
    • Inject some humor in your profile. Being funny is one of the top 3 traits both gender (regardless of sexual orientation) is looking for in a partner as resulted from a worldwide survey (representing 53 countries) by Archives of Sexual Behavior. Although studies back this one up, it’s a no-brainer that a great sense of humor is sexy! Be that as it may, don’t post something like, “I’m funny,” because it doesn’t present any evidence that indeed you are! You can inject humor through jokes or witty statements, you got to give it a try!

    Dating Offline

    Anyone who has been on a handful of dates can tell you what you should and should not do on a date. But in reality, what will and will not work heavily lies on the person you are with. To figure this out would mean listening attentively (stop checking your phone and talking about yourself the whole time) and understanding your date’s body language.

    • Go beyond food and drinks. Typical dates might be grabbing a drink or a bite. They’re pretty safe but as Psychologist and couple counselor Wyatt Fisher explains, these activities can quickly become awkward as they are extreme than a circumstance where the focus is something else other than yourselves. Fisher suggests activities like concerts, bowling or comedy shows—alternative source of entertainment when awkward silence occurs.

    • Be in the moment. It’s undebatable that having someone who shows genuine interest in what you’re talking about and who is present in the moment is desirable. According to Samantha Joel, Ph. D. of University of Texas in Austin, “demonstrating an interest in what another person’s saying and being mindful of their sensitivities before inserting your own opinion are desirable qualities anyone would want in a mate.” So refrain from talking more of yourself and constantly checking your gadget.

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