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Reasons Why You Should Stretch After Your Workouts

13 Jan

If you’ve spent quite a lot of time exercising, you should already know of the importance of warming up. But if you think about it, we rarely see people do stretches after their workouts. More people need to know about the many benefits of actually stretching after each workout. If you lift weights in a […]

6 Simple, Easy-to-Do Habits to Keep Your Brain Sharp at all Times

26 Nov

If you’re like most people, chances are that you don’t think about your own brain very much – but when you find yourself stuck doing things that need more “brain power”, you find yourself wondering what you can do. Well, worry no more. Studies have recently found that your brain can change depending on what […]

Determine Which Contraceptive is Right for You

10 Oct

The use of contraception in Singapore is legal as long as you have a prescription from your doctor and you’re over 16 years old. Emergency contraception is likewise legal as long as you’re also of legal age and you have a prescription. But, do you know the difference between contraception and emergency contraception, and what […]

What You Need to Know About Cervical Cancer

13 Jul

Cervical cancer among women is quite common. Fortunately, cervical cancer can be treated successfully and even prevented with the right protection and detection methods. However, the public needs to be educated properly about the disease to get the right diagnosis and treatment as early as possible. Who Can Get Cervical Cancer? Like almost any type […]

What You Need to Know About Herpes

23 Apr

Herpes is the umbrella term for a group of highly-infectious diseases caused by the herpes simplex virus. What most people are not aware of is that herpes can’t be cured and is very contagious even if there are no visible symptoms on the infected person. Here are some facts about herpes that you need to […]

Unknown Health Dangers in Your Home Uncovered

19 Apr

You believe that the home is the safest place on earth. That is true because your home is the epitome of safety, security and stability but not at all times. You have to know that there are unknown dangers in your home and it is time that you know them. These unknown dangers should be […]

Dengue Situation in Singapore

31 Oct

Singapore is suffering from an unprecedented attack. No matter the control and surveillance programs of the government, it still persists. We are talking about mosquito populations. For your information, Singapore has one of the best programs to put off mosquito population in the world but more things should be done including the development of new […]

Symptoms of Depression

10 Apr

You will be amazed of the recent studies made by University of Cambridge. A saliva test can now help detect and identify major depression among teenage boys which have minor symptoms of depression. Researchers found out that teenage boys with higher levels of cortisol coupled with minor symptoms of depression are fourteen times likely to […]

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