3 Tips on Preparing Your Puppy for an Adventure

20 Feb

Preparing for an escapade—whether just a weekend holiday or a week-long vacation—requires common sense. Since you are your dog’s guardian, you should be prepared for all situations that can possibly happen, especially situations like emergencies and accidents. Let’s see what preparations should be done to keep your pooch prepared and safe during an adventure away from home.

Get Your Puppy Physically Ready
Make sure that your beloved pooch is ready physically to explore by getting the vet’s approval for the activity. Your trip to the vet may include vaccine boosters to protect your little Fido from common dog diseases, as well as tests for internal parasites such as roundworms and heartworms. If you are going somewhere out of Singapore, additional vaccines may be ordered. If you’re going hiking in the wild, a Lyme vaccine will likely be suggested.

Your doggy doctor may also limit some physical activities, depending on your dog’s health status and age. If your pup is a basset, a dachshund or any other long-back breed, activities that calls for frequent jumping may be discourages. Likewise, older dogs may be advised to refrain from doing high-impact or strenuous activities. As with any new physical activities, give your dog some time to acclimate, so he gets the best possible experience during the vacation.

Put a Tag on Your Dog
Once your pup gets loose, there’s potential for him to get lost. A collar tag is the easiest way for yoru pooch’s finder to return him to you.

Modern accessories, like smart tags, can even help you find your pet on your own. Try asking your vet for microchip implant if it’s possible for your pooch to have one. This micro identification chip wil be implanted into a soft tissue between your dog’s shoulders through a syringe and can be read by special scanners available at animal shelters and veterinary clinics.

Bring the Right Tools
While you’re out and about, most local laws require that your pet should always be attached to the owner in some ways. This is not only to ensure the public’s safety, but for the safety of your pup as well. Imagine going on a stroll, when suddenly a wild squirrel appears in front of your pooch, and he chases it towards a busy street! No matter how trained a dog is, it can falter when the prey-drive kicks in. A four or six-feet leash and buckle collar are the best tools to bring for outdoor activities with your pooch.

Take advantage of the summer season and go on an adventure with Fido. Whether you’ll go camping or just take him out for a walk at a nearby park from your hotel, remember to keep your pup’s safety at the top of your priorities.

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