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What is Makeup Contouring?

21 Nov

You will often hear the word contouring from makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts these days but what is it and why are people obsessed with it? Structure and highlights Not everyone is blessed with killer cheekbones and supermodel jawlines, which is why contouring became popular because it is a method that improves the structure of […]

Train Life in Singapore

30 Sep

Life in Singapore can be a little different as most people spend their time in buildings and underground rather than outside. Now why is that? Well, this is mostly because of the fact that the major places in Singapore are mostly connected by a train system. Trains in Singapore can help you get to almost […]

How to Increase Your Dating Success According to Science

23 Aug

If you’re feeling left out still not having found your special someone, take some comfort in knowing that you are not alone. In fact, a 2014 Gall up marital status study conducted in the U.S shows that only 64% of millennials are in any kind of relationship. That means more than a third of us […]

5 Nerve-Calming Tricks to Try Out

14 Aug

Although we often try our best to remain in Zen mode, there would still be times when we’ll feel stressed, nervous and anxious – and when you’re in that frantic state, getting a good grip and calming down yourself just seems like impossible. To counter this, you just need to develop some effective and fool-proof […]

Shop Right: 4 Ways to Become a More Responsible Shopper

15 Jun

Putting the words ‘shopper’ and ‘responsible’ in one sentence can be hard sometimes, but you can’t afford to be careless with money these days. You’ve worked hard to earn that money, so it’s only right to spend it wisely. But we’re not here to take your shopping privileges away though. We’re only here to show […]

5 Signs You Need to Go On a Vacation, NOW!  

11 May

  From time to time, we need to go on a vacation at some point in the year. However, some of us just need it right away. Why? Here are the reasons why you might need to take a vacation from your hectic life right now! You crave for change, but hate it at the […]

3 Tips to Decrease Your Water Bill

6 Nov

Almost every day of our lives, we use water. We water the plants in the garden, wash the car, the dishes, and the clothes. In the kitchen, we use it to clean the meat, fishes and other foods. Also, we drink water and use it to refresh our body. However, when you use water, you […]

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