4 Ways to Love Your Work When Feeling Uninspired

29 May

You have been doing the same thing for the past several years and feel like you have hit the dead-end of your career. Things have become stagnant, and you are stuck in a place that has taught you everything you need to know about the field. But here’s the catch: there is always something new to learn, and you are just probably having a hard time seeing the good things that your job can still offer because you are feeling burnt out.

So, unless you are being bullied or getting eaten up by workplace politics, getting caught up in a career rut is something you can escape with a change of perspective. How do you do that? Here are some scientific and proven ways to do it.

1. Shift Your Mindset
If you feel like you’re stuck at a job you used to love, it is you—not your job—who needs a revamp. The job you were hired for is probably the same job and position you have now. So, if you start dreading the job you do every single day, you are going to focus on the negative side. to shift your mindset, recall why you applied for the job for the first place—why that job and not other jobs. Keep remembering these reasons every day and hopefully you’ll feel more inspired of your job again.

2. Ask Yourself “Where Can I Go Deeper?”
When you start to get feeling bored at your job, do not immediately think about exiting—this isn’t going to solve the problem. Unless you have another job waiting for you, you’ll likely be left with overdue bills and a life with no direction. To help get yourself back on track, think of ways you can do to go deeper in your understanding of your job. Have you really acquainted with everyone in the office? Do you often skim memos that would improve your understanding of the company? Make good use of all the resources around you.

3. Focus Your Energy on Things You Can Control
Rather than concentrating your energy on situations that are beyond your power, think of those ones you can work on. This helps lessen the feeling of anxiety. Plus, you know you can always accomplish something that is within your control.

4. Practice Enjoyment in Everything You Do
The saying “fake it ‘til you make it” stands true during this time of your career life. Other than depending your sense of enjoyment on the things you accomplish, master it and make it a skill. Push yourself to be better and find joy along the process, and feeling happy will naturally come out of you.

When you have been working in the same company for years, it is indeed bound to get boring. But just like any relationship, this is just a phase and you are not doomed to be in this phase forever. It is just a matter of finding a new perspective and the drive to get you going.

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