Makeup Brushes 101

15 Apr

Makeup can transform one ordinary looking woman to a fine one. That is no secret. When a woman applies makeup, suddenly she looks differently good. With this, most women here in Singapore consider makeup whether going to work or going out. There is nothing wrong with it as long as it does not damage the skin.


Makeup can expel dark circles and eliminate redness. It can make you look chic in few minutes. However, even the best makeup can let you down especially if you have poor application. In application, you need two things – tutorial and fine brushes. There are many tutorials that you can watch online so it is not a problem. Now you are left with brushes.

You have to invest in the following brushes to take your makeup to the next level:

  • Buffing brush: Nothing compares to a smooth and flawless finish. When you are using a concealer before foundation, buffing brush can even the foundation. It can get the job done efficiently.
  • Fluffy brush: When you apply a makeup, your goal should be look as natural as possible. Do not overdo it. A fluffy brush can prevent a caked-on makeup. Remember that the bigger your powder brush, the softer will be the application and that means you will look natural.


  • Setting brush: The setting brush should be small and it will be perfect for particular applications. Its size can give you the precision that you need. It can dust setting powder under your eyes plus it can also add shimmer to emphasize your brow bone or even cheekbones.
  • Soft blusher brush: A soft blush is another excellent addition to your collection because with it, blending into the skin will be easier. Choose soft brushes with long handles since they are the easiest to handle plus it can yield good results.
  • Sculpting brush: It is called sculpting brush for nothing. You can mold sharp cheekbones within seconds because the brush is thin and angled. Its elongated design can be a good help when it comes to blending.

After using makeup, it is imperative that you clean your face right away. Do not sleep over with mascara, lipstick or blush on. Sometimes you may feel lazy to remove it but you have to endure it if you do not want a damaged skin. Investing on such brushes can make a difference at the end of the day. Do not hesitate.

Good luck on your makeup application and do not forget to employ the help of different brushes.


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