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Reasons Why You Should Stretch After Your Workouts

13 Jan

If you’ve spent quite a lot of time exercising, you should already know of the importance of warming up. But if you think about it, we rarely see people do stretches after their workouts. More people need to know about the many benefits of actually stretching after each workout. If you lift weights in a […]

Best Workouts to Sweat the Stress Away

20 Feb

With hours of commute to and fro the office and work emails continuously popping the entire day, there’s no surprise people walk around in a state of chronic stress. Fortunately, there are many waus to fight stress, but exercise is the proven to be the most beneficial of all. And while there are so many […]

The Most Sought After Diet Trends in 2017

2 Apr

  The best way to start the year 2017 is to live healthy. This sounds easy but actually it is not. Diet takes a lot of your time, patience and tons of your resolve. No matter what, it should be done because it is important. The good news is that many Singaporeans know that the […]

2016 Most-Searched Diets

29 Mar

  Singaporeans are now aware of the good benefits of healthy living. It is not too late to consider it. Start with a good diet plan. There are many diet plans or trends in the market these days and it is up to you which one to consider. You can even hire a dietician or […]

The Benefits of Rest after Workout  

14 Oct

  After workout, what should we do? We should rest and relax. When we exercise, it puts the body in a state of stress thereby raising our cortisol levels. For the information of every Singaporean, cortisol is a stress hormone that can lead to mood swings, insomnia, fatigue and the likes. We have to know […]

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