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Daily Bag Essentials

24 Jun

What you decide to carry in your bag when you go to work everyday is just as important as picking the right clothes for the occasion. Here are some of the items you need to always have in handy to get you through the day whether you’re working, traveling or working out. For Working Women […]

The Best Wuxia Films from 2000 to Present

21 Jun

A sub-genre of fantasy, wuxia has gained a lot of fans not just in Asia but the rest of the world as well. Broadly defined, it is a Chinese film genre that highlights warriors of ancient or mythological China who are equipped with superhuman skills in the martial arts. There are over a hundred wuxia […]

The Full Car Service Checklist

20 Jun

Preventive car maintenance requires regular, scheduled car servicing in Singapore. But the goal of car servicing is not just car repair or car workshop for modification. It also involves the following: 1. Maintaining the car through systematic inspection, correction of failures, and detection of defects before they become major problems that might cause accidents or […]

Hair Hacks: 5 Ways to Maintain Your Red Hair

13 May

Of all the shades available for colouring hair, red is believed to be most difficult to maintain. Even if you get your hair colour done at the best salons in Singapore, the red dye will still noticeably fade in four weeks. But if you’re still thinking of going redhead like Jane Levy, Amy Adams and […]

Fashion Faux Pas Many of Us are Guilty Of

9 May

Most of us have experienced wardrobe malfunctions at some point. You might have forgotten to zip up you pants or you flashed someone with your polka dots undies because you were wearing a very short skirt. You can avoid these by not committing the following fashion crimes. Camel Toe It’s common among women especially when […]

Dos and Don’ts of Washing Clothes

8 May

Washing clothes nowadays is just a breeze because of the availability of different methods such as automatic washers at home and dry-cleaning laundry service. There are some things you need to pay attention to, however, when doing the laundry at home or when you take your laundry to commercial laundry services in Singapore. 1. When […]

8 VoIP Provider Hiring Mistakes That Could Spell Disaster for You

12 Apr

Small and mid-sized businesses in Singapore are now steering away from traditional telecom providers in record numbers, with each of them hoping to take advantage of the cost saving capabilities of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) while leveraging the calling features it provides. But with the potential for great return being this high, it has […]

The Most Sought After Diet Trends in 2017

2 Apr

  The best way to start the year 2017 is to live healthy. This sounds easy but actually it is not. Diet takes a lot of your time, patience and tons of your resolve. No matter what, it should be done because it is important. The good news is that many Singaporeans know that the […]

2016 Most-Searched Diets

29 Mar

  Singaporeans are now aware of the good benefits of healthy living. It is not too late to consider it. Start with a good diet plan. There are many diet plans or trends in the market these days and it is up to you which one to consider. You can even hire a dietician or […]

Ways to Be Enthusiastic About Life

8 Mar

  We must admit that most of our days are routinary and just plain old boring. We’re busy acting as a robot all day every day at work that sometimes we forget to actually live. We forget to have fun and we tend to neglect our relationships with our loved ones. To spice up our […]

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