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A Dollar in Singapore

14 May

It may be a bit costly to live in Singapore considering it is a first world country but then again, this should challenge us. Sometimes it’s not about spending money but rather saving it. Now, how far do you think a dollar can get you? Well, this might sound ridiculous but you can actually still […]

A Thought a Day

14 May

Some people aren’t fond of writing unless it is required of them. Well, what they do not realize is that writing down at least a thought per day is a great way to not only collect your thoughts but also reflect and improve your self-being. You see, the thing that hinders our growth no matter […]

What You Need to Know About Herpes

23 Apr

Herpes is the umbrella term for a group of highly-infectious diseases caused by the herpes simplex virus. What most people are not aware of is that herpes can’t be cured and is very contagious even if there are no visible symptoms on the infected person. Here are some facts about herpes that you need to […]

The Benefits of Caring for the Elderly at Home

23 Apr

While most of the Asian families do not shun their elderly and continue to care for them at home, a lot of people are not aware that having the old folks around has benefits for the entire family. Peace of Mind You know that your parents or grandparents get the best care when you can […]

Activities in Singapore Not Found in the Usual Travel Itinerary

14 Mar

If you’ve visiting Singapore, you must have gotten the gist of the same itinerary on the internet or on various travel and tours services. These commercial touring services offer the similar highlights to your Singapore visit, such as heading over to the Gardens by the Bay or taking a mandatory tourist selfie by the Marina […]

5 of the Most Popular Singaporean Myths and Folktales

14 Mar

Being one of the most urbanized countries in Asia, Singapore is not only economically rich but it is also endowed with rich myths and legends popularized by locals. This includes the myth of how the name “Singapora” initially came about, which roughly translates to the “City of Lion”. The Legend of Singapura The King of […]

4 Camping Spots in Singapore for Your Next Outdoor Adventure

12 Feb

If you’re in the mood for something more quiet or adventurous for your next weekend outing, why not try camping? Everyday life can be busy and a bit too hectic, but there are a lot of spots in Singapore where you can get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Here are few […]

Underrated Cities in the World You Should Visit for Excellent Food

12 Feb

When traveling, we choose our destination based on certain factors, such as historical spots, shopping avenues and the people. However, the most important thing that probably most travelers consider when looking for a place to explore is the destination’s culinary offerings. For all the foodies out there seeking for gastronomical experiences, here are five of […]

The Differences Between Trademark and Registered Trademark

19 Oct

Trademark registration in Singapore is not a mandatory process for most businesses, companies and organizations, but the move comes with various benefits besides the ability to protect your brand. To understand what a trademark and a registered trademark can do for your company, let us examine what intellectual property means. What is Intellectual Property? Intellectual […]

What Are Ischaemic Heart Diseases?

26 Sep

Contrary to popular belief, acquiring heart diseases doesn’t happen in old age. With all the food available to us, the ease of doing tasks that were deemed impossible a century before, and the hundreds of stressors we encounter everyday, it’s not uncommon for people to develop heart diseases even before they reach 50. Ischaemic Heart […]

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