8 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Dress Shopping

11 Apr

Whether you already have a clear vision of your wedding gown since you were five, or you have never thought about your dress until the last minute of wedding planning, we’ve got you covered.


Finding the right dress can be stressful. After all, it’s the most expensive garment most women will ever purchase, and wedding dress shopping is likely you have never tried doing before. Plus, your chosen dress will set the tone of your wedding, whether it’s going to be a grand ballroom event or a casual wedding by the beach.

With everybody’s eyes on you, not to mention the wedding photos you will keep forever, you want to feel and look your best on this very special day. But how should ‘the best’ wedding dress look like? For some brides, the best and perfect dress is a regal ballgown from Singapore’s leading bridal boutique Whitelink that makes them look like a princess. For others, the best look is a sexy, bombshell mermaid gown that accentuates their curves. There are also some who prefer dresses that allow more room to dance and comfortably move around.

The choices for wedding dress style can be overwhelming. Regardless of your budget, style, and timeline, here are the important things you’re probably not aware of—but you should know—about wedding dress shopping,

1. Consultants don’t like it when you always agree with them.

Your bridal boutique consultant can’t assist you properly if you’re not 100% honest about what you really like. Uttering ‘it’s beautiful’—subconsciously or not—to every dress you try on won’t help you find ‘the one’. In fact, consultants would prefer to hear consecutive ‘nos’ if this will lead to your one sweet ‘yes’. Lastly, believe them when they say ‘we can do better’—just take the dress off and try on the next one.

2. It’s important to do the ‘aisle test’.

Before making your final decision, stand in front of the mirror one last time, wearing the veil and other accessories to complete your bridal look. Walk around the bridal studio in a comfortable pace, and don’t forget to sit, bend over, dance, or even spin around while wearing the dress. If it fits just perfectly, you should feel as if you don’t want to take it off.

3. Pin-binging isn’t always helpful.

Pinterest can be a great place to draw inspirations for your wedding dress. However, relying too much on the photos you see in the application can backfire. If you start envisioning how you’re going to look like in a dress based on the idealized images, you might get disappointed when you go shopping for one.

4. It’s not advisable to lose weight while in the process of dress-making.

The worst thing to do is go in and try on a dress when you are size 12, and then become size six on the next fitting because you went on a diet. The difference may just be a few inches, but everything is going to look a lot different. On the other hand, some brides insist on getting a dress in a smaller, but even with the best of intentions, they don’t reach their goal. That isn’t only heartbreaking, but disastrous for your budget and wedding plans in Singapore.


5. You’ll save money by going to a trunk show.

Bridal boutiques offer special discounts and promos, and you‘ll be seeing more creations from a designer during trunk shows. Other than better deals, you could end up meeting the designer and solicit professional styling advices from them. That could make the experience all the more magical.

6. It’s your wedding, listen to what your heart says.

You are—hopefully—going to shop in Singapore for a wedding dress once in your lifetime, so drown out everyone else’s opinions and listen to that little voice inside you that tells you which dress to choose. Once you found the perfect dress, lie to everyone except to the few people who you trust and know will not spill the beans.

7. It usually takes more than eight gowns before finding the perfect one.

The excitement in a bridal boutique is palpable. You’re sipping a glass of champagne, everyone is in awe with how lovely you look in every gown, and you wish you can contain how giddy you feel every time you step into a dress. What movies don’t show is how frustrating it can feel if it takes more than five or six times before you find a gown that feels like you. Know that even wedding experts generally try on at least 10 gowns to find the dress of their dreams. So, if you need to try 15 gowns before finding ‘the one,’ you are not alone.

8. You’re going to fall in love when you find ‘the one.’

“Some brides cry, some become speechless, others blush and turn red, and we instantly know that when we’re zipping them up,” according to a Singapore bridal studio consultant. When you finally found the dress of your dreams, it’s going to feel unexplainably perfect. You’ll look and feel magnificent in it, and no doubt everyone will surely love it on you.

Wedding dress shopping is exciting, but is can also be overwhelming and intimidating. But just remember to breathe and relax. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity; it should be exciting. Hopefully, these points will save you from the heartbreak of unrealistic expectations and help you have a great time shopping for that one special dress of your life.

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