Things Not to Do When Faced With a Robber  

8 Apr

Singapore is a safe place but no society is free of any crime. Things can happen here. We only wish we will not become a victim at any point in time. Crimes can be in different forms – it can be extreme like murder or light as vandalism. Regardless, every crime is punishable by law.


We are not asking to be robbed but in the event of robbery, it is important that we know what to do to increase our chances of survival. Let us begin by learning about the don’ts.

  • Do not stare: Be observant but not to the point of staring. It is crucial that we are observing the robbers and make a mental note. Our descriptions will surely help police officers in their investigation.
  • Do not resist: We should not resist because resisting may mean death. We have to follow the robber’s command but we should not volunteer to help them.


  • Do not make unnecessary movements: One false move may cost us our life. Any movement can endanger our life and the people around us. When we make movements, the robbers will be alarmed.
  • Do not chase the robber: When the robbers are done, they will flee. When they flee, it is important that we do not chase them. If we are not trained (like police officers), we should not act as heroes because it will surely cost us our life. The best thing that we can do is note the description of the vehicle (like type, model and colour) as well as its plate number and the direction of escape.

When these things happen, we need to be calm and assure the people around us. The police can help us if we are cooperative.


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