How to Identify Genuine Money

17 Jan

Many people receive money without thinking of its genuineness. Upon touching the money, you have to know whether it is genuine or fake money. Counterfeiting is present in Singapore and it would be beneficial on your part to study the security features of the money to avoid or minimize the risk of being a counterfeit victim.


Here are some the security features that you must look for when determining whether the money is genuine or not:

  • Micro-prints: Genuine money features intaglio microprint. On top of the note, you will see a text “BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS OF CURRENCY SINGAPORE”. This text is above the 4 official languages of the word SINGAPORE. To the naked eye, this looks plain but when you magnify it, you will see ‘BCCS’ in micro-letters found in the shadow of a particular value.
  • Watermarks: The next thing that you should look for is the watermarks. The watermarks feature three-dimensional portrait of the late President Yusof bin Ishak. The multi-tone portrait of the late president can be seen if you hold it against the light. The portrait’s tone varies depending on the light.


  • Security thread: You also need to look for the security thread. Every note will feature interwoven threads vertically. When you hold it against the light, you will see that the thread looks like a bold line that shows series of text displaying the value of the money.
  • Invisible feature:  When you hold the note in ordinary light, the value of the note looks plain but when you put it against Ultraviolet light, you will see that part which glows. Apart from the value of the note, you will also see the glowing of the serial numbers.

This is enough to guide you. Now, you know which is genuine and not.

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