Dos and Don’ts of Washing Clothes

8 May

Washing clothes nowadays is just a breeze because of the availability of different methods such as automatic washers at home and dry-cleaning laundry service. There are some things you need to pay attention to, however, when doing the laundry at home or when you take your laundry to commercial laundry services in Singapore.

1. When using the washing machine, always check that you’re using the correct load cycle. Don’t pick a large load cycle for a small load of clothes. Remember that more water and power is used up for a large load cycle.

2. Pre-treat the stains before placing them in the washer. Commercial laundry services in Singapore always perform this step for a reason. That’s because when you use warm water, the stain could settle on the fabric and make it more difficult to remove.

3. Always sort the light-colored clothes and the dark-colored clothes. But don’t stop there. Sort according to the intensity of the color, especially the colored clothes. There is still a risk of the dye running and leaving permanent stains. Don’t mix rough fabric and heavy fabrics with sheer, light and thin fabrics to avoid tearing.

4. Always read the labels. They are there so that you can care for your clothes properly and make them last longer. Laundry service also considers this step a standard procedure. This is to avoid washing clothes that are supposed to be dry-cleaned, spot-cleaned or steam-cleaned only.

5. Check the pockets for items. Laundry service will also perform this for you, but to save time and avoid hassle, you should do this yourself at home.

6. Turn all your clothes inside out so that only the wrong side is exposed to most chemicals. Leave the buttons open but close up all the zippers so that the garments don’t snag and tangle.

7. Use cold water in the washing machine because it’s energy efficient. Most clothes don’t get damaged when you use cool or warm water. Use hot water only if the label says it can be washed in hot water to disinfect the clothing, just like when towel washing.

8. Don’t use more laundry detergent when you are at the commercial laundry services in Singapore than is required for every load of clothes. Use the measuring cups that come with the powder or liquid detergent. If you use more detergent, it doesn’t mean your clothes will be cleaner. It will just make it more difficult for you to rinse soap from the fabrics.

9. Use laundry bags or nets when washing your delicates. For those who are too busy to hand-wash underwear and silk clothes for example, purchase laundry bags at the nearest shop so that your items are protected in the washer. You can also place uniform laundry, small items like socks and other delicate clothes in laundry bags to avoid snagging and tearing.

10. If you’re unsure if the new colored shirt you bought isn’t going to bleed, do a bleeding test before washing. Turn the clothing inside out and in one inconspicuous corner, rub a small amount of water and detergent. If the color bleeds, you might want to wash it separately for a time until it stops running.

11. Don’t leave your wet clothes in the washer for a long time. This will cause mold and bacteria to thrive in the moist environment. If you are too busy to do the laundry yourself, take your clothes to the nearest commercial laundry services in Singapore and they’ll be happy to do it for you.

12. Clean your home washer at least once a month. Make sure to also check the lint tray after every load of clothing. Clean the lint tray before beginning another wash cycle because the residue can be a fire hazard.

13. Don’t put the detergent directly on your clothes. Pour the powder or liquid detergent on the water before loading the clothes. This is to make sure that the detergent is evenly distributed.

14. You don’t need to use the dryer all the time if you still have enough space for a clothesline in your apartment. This will save energy and might be a good way to teach kids how to take care of their clothes. Air-drying will also make ironing wrinkles and creases easier in certain types of fabrics.

15. Don’t air-dry clothes directly under the heat of the sun, even the white clothes. The heat could deteriorate the fabric and accelerate color fading. Make sure the area is in an open area but under a shade.

16. Don’t believe the guides that tell you how often you should wash your clothes. The point is to get rid of dirt and bacteria after every use. Next time someone tells you not to wash your jeans, don’t listen. The buildup of oil, dirt, sweat and dust can ruin your clothes, not to mention make you stink.

17. Always pick the right water temperature. Generally, cool water is the safest for most types of clothes. Use hot water only if you need to disinfect items such as towel washing or baby’s clothes.

18. Use the gentlest cycle possible even if the label says you can use regular wash. This is only for items that are lightly soiled. Use a longer cycle for very dirty items like children’s clothes. Items that you wear everyday like uniform laundry should be washed gently so that they still look new after a year.

19. Don’t oversoak clothes. Not all fabrics should be left in water for a long time because it might shrink or expand. It will also increase the chances of bleeding and fading. For uniform laundry, don’t soak them overnight because the water and detergent can break down the buttons and fabric. Hand-wash heavily stained items then place them in the washer. That will remove the stains most of the time.

20. Use the low heat setting whenever you use the dryer. For extra delicate fabrics, use the no-heat setting. Choosing the lowest setting will lessen the deterioration of most fabrics and prevent shrinkage and the formation of more wrinkles.

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