Fashion Faux Pas Many of Us are Guilty Of

9 May

Most of us have experienced wardrobe malfunctions at some point. You might have forgotten to zip up you pants or you flashed someone with your polka dots undies because you were wearing a very short skirt. You can avoid these by not committing the following fashion crimes.

Camel Toe

It’s common among women especially when leggings became popular substitutes for jeans. Ladies should wear longer shirts or avoid very tight-fitting leggings or jeans to avoid showing everyone the outline of your lady bits. Or you could always use a panty liner. And yes, there is a camel toe guard.

Nip Slip

If you wear a plunging neckline or a backless top, wear a bra that can be converted to go with any outfit. You could also put on a fashion tape or pasties.

Rainbow Colors

Wearing clothes that have too many colors and conflicting prints and patterns hurt the eyes. Unless it’s for a costume party, don’t put on something that will turn you into a walking Christmas tree.

Too Shiny

Go easy on the accessories. Not only do you look like you’re cosplaying as a fortune-teller but your accessories will also likely to snag on your clothes, hair and other things.

Too Long

Don’t pair up long tops with long skirts. You will look like you’re about to perform a ceremony for a cult. You will look shorter and bulkier too.

Faking It

Some imitation products look like the real thing, but there’s always that one person we know who can tell the difference. Save yourself from embarrassment. Besides, you should choose comfort and function over brand names.

Mix Gold and Silver

Now there’s nothing wrong with classic gold and silver jewelry. But don’t mix those two together. Your friends will think you’re showing off your wealth. The same goes for gemstones and pearls.

Too Lose

Baggy clothes will make you look smaller. The same is true for loose shirts or pants. No one wants to see your butt crack. It’s also annoying when the person keeps trying to hold up his/her pants.

Too Tight

Tight-fitting clothes constrict blood flow and you can even tear your clothes if you try to sit down or stretch. You don’t have to be a walking anatomical model to look sexy.

Weather Appropriate

Boots look really nice on photos but are you really gonna walk under the heat in that? Don’t wear thick and layered clothes unless your office is at sub-zero temperature. There’s no winter in the country.

Too Tight Jeans

Deciding on the cut of the jeans should be based on the shape of your legs and the occasion for wearing said jeans. If you have crooked legs, you don’t want that to be emphasized. Tight jeans on men are a no-no unless you’re trying to show off your package

Fake Eyeglasses

If you don’t need clear prescription glasses, why bother? There are tons of shades you can choose from for your eyewear. And no, huge fake glasses don’t make you look smarter.

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