Mark for Going the Extra Mile

5 Aug

Are you familiar with the Universal Design (UD) Mark? This is a certification programme that gives recognition to architects and developers who did the extra work and gone the extra mile for people regardless of the age and the ability. The Universal Design Mark is awarded by Building and Construction Authority (BCA). As of late, Singapore has 31 projects awarded. Most of these projects are residential buildings.


This 2014, the highest honour was given to the Gardens by the Bay as well as the Interlace Condominium. Both received Platinum Ratings. What made the both exceptional? Here are some innovations they thought that could make a difference at the end of the day:

  • Gardens by the Bay: Gardens by the Bay opened to public in 2012. It dwells in one hundred one hectares. It features one hectare garden for children. The management of Gardens by the Bay is thinking of extending the gardens to welcome seniors. If this is successful, this is the first garden in the world dedicated to seniors. If you visited the gardens, you will notice that there are no steep areas.


  • Interlace Condominium: Interlace Condominium is developed by CapitaLand Singapore. It offers innovation that help seniors with their everyday life. CapitaLand specifically designed to facilitate ageing. For example, there are seats that can be transformed into a wheelchair. Apart from the chairs, the entrance to the bathroom for some units is not separated by a step. These innovations are for the ageing population.

Aside from giving recognition to developments that have gone the extra mile, UD Mark also yields benefits. If you bear the mark, it improves your competitiveness. It can also increase the number of visitors which will generate more sales and revenue. Lastly, UD Mark can create positive effect with regards to the corporate image.

UD is a voluntary certification – that means those who submit their entries or application will only be considered. It was presented in October of 2012. UD Mark is open for new non-residential, new residential and the refurbished non-residential developments. If you are interested to join, you can submit an application form to BCA. The awards will be presented on May 22, 2014.

You should know that there is no restriction on the number of entries that you will submit. A thorough assessment will be made but if you passed, you will get ratings like Certified, Gold and Platinum. In your own little way, you should think of things that you can do to help the community.



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