Identifying QLC

12 Sep

Students from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) have launched a campaign called Next Stop that seeks to provide resources, stories and tips to aid young adults suffering from Quarter Life Crises (QLC). The campaign was launched on December 20, 2013. Next Stop connects students with internship chances and education tools online.


Not all students know about QLC. In fact, some even do not know they are dealing with it. QLC is often experienced by youths aged 20 years and above. QLC is the time when you are figuring out who you really are and what you want to be. It is important that you learn how to identify QLC. Here are the signs that you are enduring QLC:

  • Daydreaming often: If you have frequent episodes of daydreaming, chances are you are experiencing QLC. You are lost because you do not know what you really want in life. You believe that daydreaming can give you an idea of what should be.
  • Indecisive actions: You are free to do whatever you want but that is where the crises arise. You are not sure what things to do to the point that you are doubting yourself. If you are uncertain with your actions and choices, you are experiencing QLC.
  • Intense fear of failure: Ideally, after college, you are expected to live your life and choose a career that you want to pursue. But you are afraid to give it a try. That is normal but that feeling persists for a long time, you will surely get stuck in your present life.


  • Comparing yourself with your friends: If you are constantly thinking about your friends and how far they have gone, you will only sulk or lose that self-confidence. Sometimes you also think about your parents when they were your age. You should overcome it.
  • Things are not turning out the way you expect it would be: If you are thinking that things are not turning out the way you expect it would be, you are dealing with QLC. This is probably the biggest sign that you should consider. When you think this way, it is time that you reflect.

It is crucial that you tackle and resolve QLC because it can affect your life. Remember that life is not a race. If you think this way, you will surely haste and that is not a good thing. Finally, you have to gather your courage and redefine yourself.


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