Activities in Singapore Not Found in the Usual Travel Itinerary

14 Mar

If you’ve visiting Singapore, you must have gotten the gist of the same itinerary on the internet or on various travel and tours services. These commercial touring services offer the similar highlights to your Singapore visit, such as heading over to the Gardens by the Bay or taking a mandatory tourist selfie by the Marina Bay Sands.

Regardless, it is also curious to know what the Singaporean locals do for fun especially if you want to discover and experience more of Singapore. Places where the tourist sight-seeing experience and the local culture meet over are everywhere in the Merlion City, you just have to know where to head to!

1. Enjoy traditional bread
Served straight out of the oven, Singaporeans enjoy delicious traditional bread as a snack or even as a breakfast option. These bread lack eggs and preservatives, and they also have lesser amount of yeast in them. Because of that, their taste notably stands out from your typical bread. Popular traditional bread items include brown bread (with brown sugar), milk bread (which has milk powder), and curry puff, a staple favorite dish.

There are only a few traditional bread making businesses left in Singapore, with the numbers ranging about 5 stores. This makes the experience a whole lot rarer and more special!

2. Visit Palau Ubin
Palau Ubin is a national park located on an island off the mainland’s coast. It is a place where you can find a preserved and untouched section of Singapore’s rich history. You can get the general feel of what the city-state was like during its early years of founding — surrounded by green trees, wide places to explore, temples, and the absence of tall skyscrapers. This is revered to be one place where it feels as if time froze, making it a popular destination among locals.

3. Take a stroll at Clarke Quay
Speaking of Singapore’s rich history, Clarke Quay is a historical riverside dock which is a popular destination for a lot of locals who love to take a nighttime stroll. You can enjoy the cozy feeling of walking around the pier at night, but don’t forget to take a jacket with you to keep you warm.

There are also a number of bars and restaurants you can enjoy in Clarke Quay. If you’re looking for a memorable experience in particular, head to the Karaoke shops in the area and practice your singing!

4. Be one with nature at Singapore’s Night Safari
Located at Mandai Lake Road, Singapore’s Night Safari is a zoo which features nocturnal animals. It operates around 7:30 P.M. up to midnight. The place has roughly about 2, 500 animals which can be found in their respective nighttime habitat. Aside from observing these nocturnal animals, you can also enjoy fire-dancing performances and a hearty meal onboard a moving tram.

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