5 Summer Activities That You and Your Dog Can Enjoy

31 May

The summer season isn’t only meant to be enjoyed by us, humans, it’s also the season where your pets can have lots of fun under the sun. Although the summer season poses some dangers to your pooch, there are still some activities that you can safely enjoy with him while enjoying the warm weather. So, have your pooch barking for joy with these fun summer activities.


  1. Visit the Beach. Open spaces, water to swim on and sand to dry off are just some of the reasons why the beach is the perfect place to take your dogs. Just be sure to ease him into the ocean first and monitor how deep he might get into the waves. If he prefers to stay on land, get him moving by playing fetch or Frisbee with him. With all the running and swimming, he’ll surely get thirsty, so ensure that he gets proper hydration throughout your trip.
  1. Camp in the Wilderness. The bonfire, grilling, ghost stories and the s’mores proves that there’s nothing like camping outdoors. So the next time you decide to camp out, bring your pooch along. He’ll definitely love the thrill brought by camping out just as much as you do, since he’ll be able to explore new areas and sniff new things. Just be watchful of the ticks though.
  1. Take Some Hike. Even if overnight camping isn’t your thing, you and your dog can still enjoy the sunny outdoors by going on a hike. Not only will this serve as a great workout for your dog, going outdoors will also enhance his sensory abilities. Just don’t forget to pack some extra water for him, and keep your eyes open for those ticks.


  1. Book a Hotel Room for Your Four-Legged Friend. Another great way that you and your pooch can relax from the scorching hot weather is by going on a relaxing hotel getaway. Don’t get stressed out about your pooch though, as there are a lot of hotels that also accommodate animals. Most of these hotels even offer the same amenities and customer services that both humans and animals can enjoy, so you no longer need to worry about how your pet is treated by the hotel staff.
  1. Go on a Picnic. What better way to spend a sunny summer day than go on a picnic with the entire family, including your pooch. Next time you plan on going to the park, bring your dog along and pack a picnic basket that’s filled with his favourite treats. Just like the beach, the park is also a great place for dogs as it enables him to walk, run, play fetch, relax in the grass and even check out other dogs. So, allow your dog to get the most out of his summer time by going on a picnic with him.

Summer is the best time to bond not just with your family, but with your pets as well. So make the most out of your and your dog’s summer break by trying any of the aforementioned activities.


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