5 Nerve-Calming Tricks to Try Out

14 Aug

Although we often try our best to remain in Zen mode, there would still be times when we’ll feel stressed, nervous and anxious – and when you’re in that frantic state, getting a good grip and calming down yourself just seems like impossible. To counter this, you just need to develop some effective and fool-proof coping mechanisms, and while some of these methods seem weird, these tricks will surely help you get over your frenzied state.


  1. Eat Pickles. Lovers of dill and half-sours are favoured in this trick. Some studies showed that eating fermented foods like pickles, yogurt and sauerkraut aids in easing social phobias and neuroticism. It is also believed that these foods are rich in probiotics that favourably changes the environment in the gut, thereby lessening your chances of experiencing social anxiety.
  1. Hug Yourself. Cuddling or hugging a loved one has long been proven to reduce both stress and anxiety, and the same thing also happens when you hug yourself. So every time you feel that you’re heading towards your frenzied state, simply wrap your arms around your body even just for a minute and see how easily it’ll relieve your nerves.
  1. Daydream. Imagining positive scenarios – or things that make you happy – can actually be quite useful when it comes to dealing with anxiety as it puts your mind into a totally different place. Doing this will prevent you from thinking of your stressors, thus relieving your anxiety attacks. So think of your best memories instead, to keep your mind from thinking of any negative thoughts.


  1. Relax. One of the easiest ways to counter anxiety is to simply close your eyes and relax. Take deep breaths, close your eyes, lay your head down and clear your mind to reset your train of thoughts and start things anew.
  1. Develop a Comforting Routine. Still having problems in dealing with your anxiety problem? Then try developing a comforting routine by doing activities that involve repetitive motion, such as brushing your hair, petting your dog or knitting. Doing small repetitive movements will help in relaxing your body and your mind as well.

Calming your anxiety attacks can be quite difficult to do, but by keeping the aforementioned coping mechanisms in mind, you’ll surely learn to keep your cool and get the peaceful life that you wanted for so long.


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