What is Type 2 Diabetes?

10 Oct

Diabetes is a chronic illness that has no cure to date, and often results in other medical complications that are life-threatening. However, the disease manifests differently in some patients as type 1 or type 2 diabetes.

Causes and Symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes
Type 1 diabetes is not like type 2 diabetes, because the latter results in the destruction of the beta cells (found in the pancreas) that produce insulin. Type 2 diabetes isn’t an autoimmune disease, but the body will lose the ability to respond to insulin in a condition known as insulin resistance. Over time, the body will try to produce more insulin and destroy the cells in the pancreas that produce the hormone. In short, type 1 diabetics cannot produce insulin, while type 2 diabetics can produce insulin but don’t respond to or utilize it.

Symptoms of diabetes include the following: excessive thirst and hunger, slow-healing wounds, blurred vision, lethargy, passing more urine, leg cramps, changes in weight, headaches, and dizziness.

Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes Differences
Both types of diabetes are marked by the high sugar levels in the bloodstream, but the causes and the progression of the disease are different. The public usually perceives a diabetic as overweight and inactive, but according to studies, most people with diabetes are not overweight although it can be a factor in the development of the disease. Doctors are still unclear about the causes of diabetes, but there are ways to distinguish which diabetes type a person has.

These are the differences between types 1 and 2 diabetes.

• Type 2 diabetes is usually diagnosed in patients older than 30 years, but there are always exceptions.
• Type 2 diabetes is usually associated with being overweight, although that is not the only determining factor.
• Type 2 diabetes is often associated with high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure.
• Type 2 diabetics usually do not need medication during the initial treatment, and it is also possible to stop medicating.
• Type 1 diabetes is usually diagnosed in childhood, but adults can have it too.
• Type 1 diabetes is not tied to excess body weight.
• Type 1 diabetes is connected to high levels of ketone.
• Type 1 diabetes must be treated with insulin pump or injections for life.
• Type 1 diabetes will need medication because the person might not survive without insulin.

Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes
Type 2 diabetes is treated with oral medications to make the insulin in the body more effective. Some people will need insulin injections if the body has low sensitivity to insulin and if there is beta cell failure.

The doctor will discuss with you how to control your blood glucose level so that it doesn’t fall too low or get too high and to avoid complications as well. You must come up with a diet and exercise plan to keep the blood glucose steady, and make changes in your lifestyle in general.

4 Tips to Better Organize Your Closet

14 Sep

It’s an open secret for girls geographically anywhere to have a certain knack for shopping. And what better way to give in to that almost primal inkling than to shop for clothes?

If you’re basically able to have that handsome dough to burn, then that’s more than okay. But what’s next in this almost knee-jerk reflex is the space to contain them in our homes. If your shopping habits require a walk-in wardrobe you don’t have, then you have a tiny problem on the verge of bursting.

So before you fill your household with items you just can’t help but purchasing, and clothes you have yet to wear, here are a few tips to help you keep those treasures right where you can conveniently find them:

1. Tie your scarves using a hanger
Whenever the air grows chilly or you just simply need a back-up source of warmth if you’re out for a long night, scarves are always a go-to option. You may have a myriad of options from color to type of material, but what is more important is you know where to find them when you need them.

However, since they’re a bit irregular in shape, you just can’t mix them with the usual items in your closet, making them lost in the jumble of your outfits. So to remedy this, you can tie them according to color or type of material around a hanger, for four or five pieces per hanger.

2. Organize your outfits in advance
If you spend excruciating and unnecessary time figuring out your OOTD whether at work or at school, then you just have to save those precious minutes. After hopping out of the bath, each minute counts. So to help you save time, organize your clothes ahead of time whether it be a few days before or at least a night before school or work.
Hang your clothes with labels for each day, that way you won’t have to rummage into each one of your clothes every single morning. You might want to get ahead in the OOTD department but your performance says otherwise. So keep your game up, both in terms of OOTD and punctuality.

3. Hang your shorts using shower rings
When the summer heat starts to creep in, those jeans might want to take a backseat in your closet. Unless your itinerary for the day includes formal appointments, shorts are indeed a good option to beat the heat.
However, sometimes your options just aren’t organized the way you want them to be, narrowing down your choices to a few select, easy-to-reach-for shorts. So to save your OOTDs, hang your shorts in your closet using shower rings. That way, you can see each one of them as you scan your closet.

4. Maximize hanger space
For outfits extra-sensitive to creases, you might want to just hang them instead of folding them in your closet. The catch here is that your rack might just run out of space for them. So to save space, use those tabs from soda cans (originally used to hold straws) and slip them along the neck of the hanger. That way you’d have two or three hangers dangling from the same corner of your rail.

4 DIY tips to organize your drawers

14 Sep

Sometimes you can’t help but give in to your impulse of purchasing just one more blouse, one more pair of shoes or yet another shade of nail polish in a shade you honestly don’t have (nude is different from old rose right?) so don’t be surprised to find your room a little bit out of space. Your belongings just tend to grow more and more every time you come home from the store.

So to help you tidy up your room and of course to finally get to use those items you’ve bought months ago, here are a few tips to organize your closet:

1. Stack shirts upright
Most of our shirts don’t necessarily need any hanging up when stowed inside our closets. It’s a given that since they don’t crease that much, they could readily go to drawers. A good way to stack them is to do so upright. This way, you get to see which shirts are available for use and you won’t have to rummage deep inside those stacks. This method also minimizes creases for those shirts with material hoarding inevitable wrinkles. So to save time when you’re in a rush to dress up, this arrangement will surely help you get to your appointment in no time.

2. Organize your underwear drawer with shoe boxes
There are clothing items too tiny to mix with our usual outfits. So to avoid them getting lost in all the tangle, make sure to place them in separate drawers for easy access. But even inside those drawers they could somehow get lost too. To save time and effort, use shoe boxes to separate your undies from each kind, color or even material. Straps won’t get tangled, garters won’t get stretched once you struggle to pull them out. This is a handy trick to get to see those undies with just a single open of your chest drawers.

3. Roll-up is still in the loop
So if you’ve heard of the rolling up method for packing your suitcases, this also does the same trick for your drawers. It effectively saves up space for your clothes and it’s also easy to find where each item is. You can organize your clothes by color if you’d like, to make them easy on the eyes to every time you open your drawers.

4. Organize gift boxes for your socks
If you’ve tried losing at least one pair of your socks then welcome to the club. It’s always an agony when you can’t find the other pair of your favorite socks. So to save yourself from the hassle, place those gift boxes you’ve received over the holidays or birthdays and put those sock where you can easily find them. No more forever-alone socks.

What is Freight Forwarding and Why Should You Seek Their Services?

30 Aug

In today’s world, the delivery of goods has evolved to be quite the industry. With international freight and shipments being delivered around Singapore and worldwide, it’s very easy to move things from one place to another. Or is it? Not exactly! There are a lot of documentation requirements, you might find damaged cargo, there may even be lost containers. These are only some of the problems one may encounter. Fortunately for us, there’s something called freight forwarding.

So, what is a freight forwarding service?

A freight forwarder is a person or company that arranges storage and organise shipment of products for their clients. They also provide other services like tracking cargo, negotiating shipping fees and other charges, and overall managing import and export goods. It is important to note, though, that they are not the ones who do the delivery of goods themselves. They, instead are the ones who transact with carriers in your behalf.

A freight forwarding agent in Singapore has a sharp understanding and broad knowledge about how to ship goods overseas, which includes the shipping regulations, delivery charges and important requirements. He/she will organize the cargo handling and act as a mediator between their clients and different transportation services. They can settle with a transportation carrier for the best prices and the best route for the transfer of goods, to ensure a quick and cost-efficient delivery.

There are also many ways freight can be delivered.

Air freight

The delivery of time-sensitive cargo which require fast and easy transport is made possible through air freight. The logistics service offered by a forwarding company is also involved here because they are able to track the cargo and give you updates on it.

Sea freight

Transporting large shipping containers or even general cargo may also be done with freight by sea. Well, oversized cargo can only really be transported through the sea, obviously because planes won’t be able to carry them.

For land, of course, there are also other modes of freight transport: rail freight and road freight.

Why should you employ a forwarding service?

First of all, there is a document called the bill of lading. It is a legal document in the form of a receipt between the shipper and carrier, which contains a detailed list of the shipment of goods. This is important for security and proper transport of your goods.

Forwarders also set relationships with carriers they trust, so cargo handling should not be much of a worry for you as a client. And like what was said earlier, forwarders will always negotiate with these carriers regarding the best things you can take for a safe, cost effective, and fast transport.

A freight forwarding company may also be involved as (or with) a logistics company, meaning it has the ability to track your cargo and update you on its location.

Employing the aid of freight forwarding services can easily help you save time and unnecessary stress. A good freight forwarder will assist you with everything you need to know for the efficient transportation of your goods.

Pros and Cons of CRM

15 Aug

There is no one standard to setting up an effective customer relationship management for all types of companies, but the goal is the same: to make the loyal customers happy and to create reasons for prospective customers to buy your merchandise and/or services. With the help of an effective CRM software, however, it will be easier for companies in Singapore to focus on improving other aspects of the company.

These are the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a CRM system, such as cloud CRM, for your business.

CRM Helps Both Large and Small Companies

Although a CRM software seems sophisticated for startup companies, client relations can be greatly improved for both small-time and large corporations because it can be integrated easily with any existing system. A cloud CRM, for example, will not need a high cost of setup because the service provider is responsible for the software maintenance and updates.

Better Data Organization

Having a CRM system means you can build up a customer database for more competent operations of your business here in Singapore. With a comprehensive lead management software, it’s easier to handle clients, organize processes and increase your company’s overall bottom line.

Sales reports and forecasting can be generated with the touch of a button and there is room for fewer errors because everyone has the same access to the same set of data. Better data organization also leads to better team communication, allowing the employees to focus on improving customer relationship management.

Software Provides Various Features

Traditional sales management tools cannot provide additional features such as accurate sales and forecasting, data sorting, up-to-date consumer contacts, and data filtering. It also has reporting templates, lead management, sales tracking that can be integrated easily with other existing software in the office. With these new tools, your account management team can handle most of the problems associated with keeping loyal customers interested in the products and/or services and manage prospects for future sales.

Security Can Be an Issue

By partnering with a third-party provider, there are issues regarding the security of the data especially when it comes to customer profiles and transactions. The centralized erp software is also vulnerable to data hacking and might be too dependent on the provider to continue operating. Fortunately, the software provider in Singapore can find solutions for these setbacks, such as backup systems, better supervision, and encryption safeguards.

CRM Might Be Difficult to Navigate

An automated client managing solution will reduce instances of human error, but it also takes away the human element in the business. It will also take some time for the employees to learn how to operate the new CRM software not just for generating the usual sales reports but for other tasks as well. This problem can be addressed, however, with a proper training right after the new system is introduced in the office. Add to that an effective technical support that might be an added cost if the third-party service provider cannot provide you with one.

4 Tips for Starting a Podcast

6 Aug

Podcasts have become more popular over the years – they’re a good way to reach an audience that you wouldn’t otherwise connect to with just your blog. Because more and more people listen to it every day, starting one is a great for bringing in potential traffic.

Here are some tips to follow when starting a podcast:

1. Invest in a quality microphone
Audio quality is crucial – the mistake of buying a cheap microphone affects your chances of having a base following severely even if you have everything else covered. If done right, the technical aspects of each podcast should be invisible to your followers.

You can also look up quality mics that are available in your area. The same goes for other equipment. If you’re looking to produce a video with your podcast, your room should be well-lit. Any editing should be done cleanly and professionally.

2. Keep the room soundproof
Your workspace is particularly important when starting a podcast. When you look at professional recording studios, you’ll notice that they’re covered head to toe in soundproof padding to prevent the microphone from picking up unwanted noise.

However, you don’t have to rent a room and cover it in soundproof foam. There are many ways to keep your audio quality high, such as noise-cancelling microphones, or even pop filters to filter P’s and T’s.

3. Stay consistent with your release dates
Planning your episodes, from the number to the topics, so you have a clear idea on what you want from your podcast. For instance, you can set a topic for each week or month, and each episode for that time period will be talking about an aspect of that topic.

Like blogs, podcasts need to be consistent with their release dates – if you air a new episode every Wednesday, for instance, stick to it. When you have a regular schedule with your content, all you need to worry about is creating and editing.

4. Keep your interviews interesting
If your format is focused on interviews, start with interviewees who are both relevant and/or compelling. You might even ask more prominent personalities to do an interview with you, but this can be a little more difficult to pull off.

Interviews through the phone or over the internet run the risk of having a lower quality. As much as possible, do your interviews in person – not only do they improve the audio, but it also makes you both feel more comfortable, and the conversation more engaging.

How to Choose a Sport You’ll Like and Stick With

6 Aug

Now that you’ve decided on doing a sport, the next thing to ask yourself is which one you should start with. There are a lot of sports to go around – the best thing you can do is to just go out and try what you fancy one at a time. You can even pick one at random!

But if you’re still not sure as to how to go about picking a sport you’ll enjoy, read on to find out how you can find the one that you’re sure to enjoy.

1. Think about activities you enjoyed as a kid
Did you use to play basketball? What about biking when you were a child? Chances are, there would have been at least one or two outdoor physical activities that you enjoyed when you were growing up.

If so, now would be a good time to go back to them. Even if it turns out you don’t enjoy one sport as much as you used to anymore, it still can’t hurt to give it a try.

2. Consider your body type
Different body types are suited for different sports. Physiologists have managed to define three major body types – endomorph, mesomorph, and ectomorph.

Endomorphs have pear-shaped bodies with fat on the upper arms and thighs, and are more suited to strength sports such as weightlifting.

Mesomorphs are builds with the classic “v” shape – narrow hips and slender waist – and respond well to any sport as well as cardio and resistance training.

Lastly, there are ectomorphs. These builds are light and thin, which are best suited for endurance sports such as marathons, or even tennis or soccer, where height is an advantage.

If your build doesn’t exactly fall into one of these types, consult a fitness trainer to find out which one you are.

3. Consider ones that are “beginner-friendly”
Walking, swimming, or Ultimate Frisbee should be good choices especially if you really don’t know how or where to begin, or if you’re unwilling to splurge on equipment.

These sports are great for all body types and sizes, and membership fees (if any) are usually affordable.

Remember that when choosing a sport, it should be one that you enjoy doing the most. Give a sport a try-out period of three weeks to see if it grows on you. If it doesn’t, move on to the next one.

8 Unexpected Things You Can Only Find in Japan

13 Jul

Japan is popular for being high-tech and inventive. Although some parts of the country are quite too much, you’ll get used to it after a few days of stay. In fact, many expats find these things amazing and useful, and sometimes get too comfortable with it that they find it difficult to get back to their normal western lives after a month of stay.

Here are some of the bizarre yet amazing things you would wish your country has once you encounter them in Japan.

1. Capsule Hotels
Capsule hotels look as if they were made for a dystopian sci-fi film. These hotels are basically dozens of life-size boxes with cozy bed in them where people can rent to sleep for a couple of hours.

2. Digital Toilets
For most travelers, the digital toilets in Japan’s airports and shopping malls are the first sign of how unique the place is compared to other countries. It’s just amazing how Japan came up with this idea and how these digital toilets haven’t yet adopted in other parts of the world.

3. Takotamago
This food is possibly one of the tastiest and most unique looking foods on Earth. Takotamago is a street food made from baby octopus with cooked egg stuffed in its head for added taste.

4. Rabbit Island
Offshore the eastern part of Japan sits Okunoshima or ‘The Rabbit Island.’ By taking a short ferry ride, you can watch and feed hundreds of cute bunnies.

5. Unique Vending Machines
In western countries, vending machines only sell the usual items—coffee, snacks, softdrinks and cigarette. In Japan, their vending machines sell more than those the aforementioned. You can purchase all sorts of stuff, including sake, canned goods, surgical masks and even fresh produce.

6. Akihabara Adult Shops
Akihabara is a spot in Tokyo that features many different shops and boutiques. Among the most popular are the sex boutiques and the 18+ anime rental shops. However, you can only enter these places if you’re of legal age.

7. Unique Kit-Kat Varieties
Westerns got excited when strawberry and white chocolate variants of Kit-Kat were released, but Japanese took it a notch higher with way more options. Imagine getting your chocolate fixings with unique flavors like sake, wasabi and sweet potato.

8. Edible Sakura
Sakura is the national flower of Japan, but many are surprised to know that it is also used to flavor and garnish desserts. Recipes with cherry blossoms in them are even more popular during the spring season when most of Japan is covered in soft pink carpet of blooming sakura.

The land of the rising sun just shines its light on many different things, including these unique things. ‘Made in Japan’ may be stamped on many electronics, but you’ll find a whole lot more bizarre and high-tech stuff when you visit the country.

What You Need to Know About Cervical Cancer

13 Jul

Cervical cancer among women is quite common. Fortunately, cervical cancer can be treated successfully and even prevented with the right protection and detection methods. However, the public needs to be educated properly about the disease to get the right diagnosis and treatment as early as possible.

Who Can Get Cervical Cancer?
Like almost any type of cancer, anyone is at risk of getting cervical cancer, however, there are factors that will increase a person’s chances of contracting it. One such factor is getting infected by human papillomavirus (HPV), which can be spread through intimate contact with an infected partner, skin contact with an infected person, and contact with warts caused by HPV. Although most HPV types are not necessarily deadly, some of these can lead to cancer.

A person is also at risk of getting cervical cancer if he/she is a smoker, has a weak immune system, is overweight or obese, has a low diet of fruits and vegetables leading to poor nutrition, has had a history of or has an untreated chlamydia infection, or has family members with a history of cancer. An active sexual life increases the risk because the person is also exposed to different sexually-transmitted infections, which can weaken the immune system and serve as entry point for bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

What are the Symptoms of Cervical Cancer?
Like most cancers, cervical cancer is usually asymptomatic during the first stages, however, it will show signs when the disease is at its advanced stage; such as pelvic pain, pain during intercourse, unusual discharges (usually watery or bloody with foul odor), and bleeding after intercourse and/or between periods or after menopause.

There are two types of cervical cancer will require different treatments; these are; adenocarcinoma or a type of cervical cancer that starts at the glandular cells in the cervical anal; and squamous cell carcinoma or a cervical cancer that starts at the squamous cells that line the outer part of the cervix. The latter is the more common between the two among cervical cancer patients in Singapore.

How is Cervical Cancer Prevented?
Cervical cancer can be prevented with the right information about how it is transmitted. If you have an active sexual life, you can perform preventive steps to avoid getting this type of cancer. One is by having routine Pap tests, the easiest way to detect cancer in the cervix. A woman aged 21 is recommended to undergo this type of test every few years, or more frequently if sexually-active.

You will also be encouraged to practice safe intercourse to prevent STD and to get vaccinated if you’re aged between 9 to 26 years. Doctors in Singapore recommend the vaccine to young girls before they become sexually-active.

Survival rates of patients with cervical cancer in Singapore has increased over the years according to the Ministry of Health, through education of the public about the illness. Cervical cancer can also be treated successfully, especially if the condition is diagnosed early.

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