8 Benefits of Long-Distance Relationships

3 Mar


There are a lot of couples these days that started as long-distance lovers. A proportion of LDRs existed due to career growth (say for example a promotion in Singapore) or the need to migrate to another country with the whole family. Nevertheless, despite the distance, a great number of LDRs are successful of making it to a happily ever after. So, it’s safe to say that being in an LDR is not so bad after all. You may be geographically single but you don’t feel alone. Don’t feel miserable for yourself that you’re in this kind of relationship. Here, let me tell you 8 things you can benefit from long-distance relationships.

  1. You get to test trust. Trust is one of the essentials of a long-lasting relationship. You learn to give it and you learn to receive it at the same time. Since relationships are two way, the subjective belief of your partner’s genuineness gives credibility to the reason why you are holding on despite the distance and the fact that you don’t see each other often than the conventional.


  1. You learn to be patient. You can’t always demand your partner’s time and resources. All the more, responding to demands becomes hardly possible because you two are apart. You learn to wait for his/her availability, calls, emails, and packages – the most, his/her next visit!


  1. You get to know more about yourself. With LDRs, you get a lot of “me” time. This is good most especially when you are maturing. It helps you get thru it independently. You know more of your strengths and weaknesses as an individual. You even get to discover a new you.


  1. You save a lot. Since you rarely meet up, you get to save a lot of money and time. Both for men and women in this kind of relationship save resources of all sorts.

  1. You have more time with your friends and family. Along with some “me” time is your time to continue living in the lives of your family and friends. Also, you won’t feel secluded in your love life.


  1. You become creative. Distance has never been a hindrance to spice up the romance between two virtually connected lovers. You learn to explore other means and ways to be affectionate and to make him/her feel your presence in the most possible way that you’d want them to.


  1. You develop. With the luxury of time you both have, you learn new things. You even meet new people and hear new stories. You simply get to know more about life itself. In the end, you realize you’ve come to be a better person each time – both of you as you grow individually but together.


  1. You fall in love some more. It’s true that absence makes the heart grow fonder. The distance itself and the commitment you put so much into it make you realize that it’s all worth it.

Coping Tips for People with Dementia

31 Jan


Dementia is common not only here in Singapore but around the world. Dementia is something that affects the patients, their caregivers and the people around them. It is important for people with dementia to learn some coping tips so they can survive and endure it all. It will not be easy but it is sure worth every effort.

Dementia is a mental processes disorder that is caused by a disease in the brain marked by personality changes, memory disorders and impaired reasoning. If you are diagnosed with dementia, your mental abilities will decline and you will feel vulnerable. The good news is that you can do things to help you handle early stages of dementia.

Here are some tips you can consider to manage the dementia in a way that will surely benefit you and the family:

Look after yourself. Your mental processes may decline but it is imperative that you look after yourself by taking care of your physical health through diet, exercise and exercise.

Never skip regular medical check-ups. Sometimes it is just easy to let the disease eat you and you wither together with it but then what about the people around you? You have to keep fighting for them so when it is your schedule for check-up, do not skip it. That is the least that you can do.

Take medications. Medications can help so it is crucial that you take some at the right moment. When doctors prescribe medications, do your best to remember by not skipping it. Do not change anything unless the doctors recommend it.

Avoid unhealthy coping mechanism. You deal with things in your life differently and that is okay but if it is unhealthy, you have to think twice. Sometimes when you learn you have this disease, you just succumb to alcohol as your coping mechanism. It will not help you. In fact, it will only make things worse. Remember that it is harmful if alcohol will interact with medications.

Join a support group. No one will really know what you are going through expect the people with the same disorder. At this point in time, you need all the support that you can get. Your family is there for you but sometimes there are things that they cannot understand. Joining support groups can let you connect with others and at the same time learn more about dementia.

Keep lines open. Sulking will make the matter worst. Do not isolate yourself. Keep your lines open especially to your family, friends and loved ones.

Staying Strong: Tips for Caregivers with Dementia Patients

26 Jan


When you hear dementia, it usually refers to decline in memory severe enough to diminish the ability of the person to perform daily tasks. This condition is common here in Singapore for which Alzheimer’s accounts for 60-80% of the cases. Patients diagnosed with dementia experience different kinds of emotions from denial to anger, frustration and depression.

The patients feel vulnerable and it leads to irritability and coldness. If the people around them do not understand a thing about dementia, they will give up easily. In fact, the disorder can create rift or gap. As a caregiver, you have to stay strong for your loved ones with dementia.

Caring for people with dementia can be very challenging but there are tips that you can consider. Sometimes you will feel much stressed out but you should not give up. If you give up, your patients will be left to deal with dementia alone. Here are some tips for caregivers with dementia patients:

  • Monitor yourself: The golden rule here is “you cannot help the person without helping yourself in the first place”. How can you care for the person if you do not feel well, right? It is crucial that as a caregiver you look after yourself too. Monitor yourself for signs of exhaustion or worse, burnout. If necessary, seek for the help of professionals.


  • Research: To understand the disease, you should spend time researching it. If you can find reading materials, go and read it. If you do not understand it, you should spend time talking to the doctor. It will help you if you know what to expect and you will have some ideas on how to handle it.

  • Understand: Of all people, you should understand your patient. However there are limits to this. At the end of the day, you have to understand the change in behaviour.


  • Be sincere: Dealing with people enduring dementia should be sincere. The sincerity should be seen. If the patients detect that you are acting falsely, they will either retreat or reject whatever help you want to extend.


  • Encourage action: As much as you want the patient to be comfortable, you need to encourage action too. Little tasks should not be kept from them. This is to retain their self-esteem. Just be there in case something happens but if you give them the chance to still do things alone, they will surely feel good about it.


  • Plan activities: People with dementia are often stuck in the house with nothing left to do. That is not how you encourage them to live fully. If there is a need to plan activities with them, do it.

Hair Salon Etiquette You Should Keep in Mind

4 Jan

Practising good salon manners is something you should pay attention to if you want to be a regular customer that the salon staff would always be happy to see and willing to accommodate even during very busy periods. It may seem like a lot of trouble, but learning how to properly act in a hair salon and establishing good relationships with its staff will certainly pay out sometime in the future. With that in mind, we listed down things that’ll certainly help in polishing your hair salon etiquette.

1. Arrive on Time During Appointments

Being on time for your hair appointments is one of the hair salon etiquettes you should consider following and working on, especially if you scheduled an appointment to one of the best hair salon in Singapore. Most salons practise the “academic quart” (a leeway of 15 minutes) when scheduling their appointments, which allows their regular customers to be arrive a bit late than the designated time, but don’t abuse it to the point that your late arrivals are already disrupting their entire scheme.

2. Patiently Wait for Your Turn

Just like you, each client are given their respective times, so you shouldn’t go ballistic in case your hair salon in Far East Plaza Singapore is still attending to his or her first client upon your arrival. Instead, patiently wait for your turn in their sofa and just flip through their magazines. If you find yourself waiting longer than you expected, however, simply call the attention of the hairdresser or salon manager. You can also ask to be prioritized as you schedule your appointment if you’re really running short on time. Remember, a good hair salon manners should be practiced with a lady-like attitude and not a diva-like approach.

3. Tip the Right People

Giving the right tip is another hair salon etiquette that’s certainly worth practising. When tipping a hair stylist, give something between 15 and 20 percent of your total service cost. The tip for the shampoo person, on the other hand, can range from one to five dollars. Tipping the person who catered to your haircare needs is one way of showing your appreciation for the excellent services that they provided, so ensure that you tip them well.

4. Talk About Appropriate Things

You made it on time for your appointment in your favourite hair salon in Singapore, remembered the tipping tips but there’s still one issue that needs to be covered – what are you going to talk about while you sit in the salon chair? Well, professional hairstylists will encourage sharing some personal details, mostly to put clients at ease. If you’re not comfortable about this, do say so. Avoid gossiping, don’t reveal details that may be too intimate, and steer clear from controversial topics. Instead, share some personal facts like your profession, age and styling routine to your hairdresser so he or she can come up with the right hairstyle for you.

5. Never Pull a No-Show Act

Pulling a no-show is definitely one of the few things that you should never do after scheduling an appointment in a hair salon. Not showing up for your appointment is even worse than standing somebody up for a date since we’re talking about the financial losses of the establishment and the wasted time of the hairdresser here. So if you think you won’t be able to show up, let them know so they can reschedule, regroup, and still earn the money they would’ve lost waiting for you to show up. Remember, if you respect your stylist’s time and effort, he or she will certainly provide you with excellent service in return.

6. Pay When the Service is Completed

You hairdresser is providing you with quality service, so it’s only fair that you pay them once the hair treatment is rendered. Don’t say that you’ll be going to the bank and will just be returning with the payment. If you scheduled an appointment to the salon, then be prepared to pay at the end of your treatment session. If you’re trying out a new hair salon in Singapore, ask your stylist about the price of the service you’ll be getting, but bring some extra bucks in case you decide to add additional services while you’re there.

7. Bring Samples of the Style You Want

Bringing sample photos of the hairstyle you want to cop is one way of ensuring that your stylist understands what you want to achieve. Simply show the sample photo to your hairdresser, but be also prepared if he tells you that it’s impossible to achieve that particular style. Have him explain why your chosen style isn’t realistic or fit for your hair, then start brainstorming on other possible styles that could fit you. Just ensure that you both understand and agree on the desired outcome of your haircut or treatment.

8. Only Use Your Phone if Necessary

Even if you don’t want to talk with your hairdresser, it’s still rude to spend most of your time in the chair texting, making calls, and responding to emails. Using your phone when your stylist is trying to give you a haircut can be distracting. There’s also a good chance that it’ll interrupt the cutting and colouring process if you become more animated. This is why it’s best to leave the conversations for when you leave the hair salon.

When setting an appointment in any of the best hair salon in Singapore, ensure that you follow these etiquettes. Not only will this help you establish a good relationship with your hair stylist, it’ll also allow you to make the most out of your trip to the salon.

Choosing the Right Property Manager to Manage your Property

3 Jan

Doing a property management-related business in Singapore isn’t easy, that’s why it would really be helpful to get the right property manager to help you in managing your business. But, how can you possibly know that the manager that you got has the right qualifications to handle your business?

Here are some tips that can guide you in choosing the right property manager to supervise your assets:

1. Check for referrals

One way to get an idea as to who is the right property manager in Singapore for you is to get referrals from trusted people. Try talking with real estate agents or other land owners near your place and ask as to what property management companies they have hired to manage their property. Also, ask them about the experience that they had with the company or the person so that you’ll have an idea as to what kind of property manager you’ll be facing.

2. Try doing an online search

You can also try searching online for property management companies that can provide the service that you need. You should be able to answer the question: “What is the value of my estate?” There are websites online that allows you to enter the size of your property and its location in Singapore. After giving the necessary information, a list of property management companies near your area will be generated and from there, you can choose the one that best fits your needs.

It would also be ideal to check some reviews about the company beforehand so that you won’t waste your time interviewing property managers that aren’t fit for the qualifications that you’re looking for.

3. Interview your potential property manager

This is actually important to do since the property manager that you will choose will be the one that you’ll entrust your property with. Interviewing your candidates is important since you get to know who among your choices are really knowledgeable in their field and are fully aware of their responsibilities. Also, ask them about their educational background, and their experience as a property manager.

Screening your property managers can help you in quickly eliminating those who doesn’t match your standards and further test the ones that you think are capable enough to manage your property.

4. Check your property manager’s license and certification

Aside from checking the skills of your potential property manager, it would also be wise thing for you to check their license and certification since that just proves that they have completed their training program. However, you shouldn’t always base your qualifications on hiring a property manager through their certification because there are some property managers who don’t have enough money to attend certification classes but are more passionate when it comes to doing their jobs.

5. Study their management agreement

Check the management agreement of your chosen property manager. This agreement should include and state their responsibilities as a property manager and your responsibilities too, as the owner. You should also pay attention on the section of the agreement that talks about the services that will be provided, and the extra fees to be charged.

Getting a property manager would really be a good idea since property management Singapore is really stressful and messy especially if you chose the wrong one to manage your business.

Proper Care for Jewelry

5 Dec


Humans are fond of shiny objects. It’s no surprise that we wear jewelry to enhance our appearance or just to show off.


Among the most common materials used for making jewelry are metals. Cleaning each type of material requires different procedures. Here are tips to make them shine.



To keep your gold shiny and new, soak it in water and soap. Take it out a few minutes later then rub the surface with cotton balls. It’s not advisable to use a brush because the bristles might damage it. Don’t do this however if the jewelry has other stones or metal in the design. Rinse then let it dry by placing it on a piece of clean cloth, preferably a towel. When it’s dry, use gold polish to make it shine. Never use silver polish or other chemicals to clean gold. Keep it tarnish-free by placing it in a proper storage box. Take it off when you decide to go swimming and avoid contact with harsh chemicals, even body products.



Use a special cloth made for cleaning silver jewelry to wipe off dirt. Silver can scratch or tarnish easily if not handled properly. Rub the cloth in a back-and-forth stroke. There are silver cleaning formulas available, but they can be tricky to use. There is a risk of inhaling harmful fumes and of contamination. Use water and mild soap instead. Soap should not contain ammonia or phosphate to avoid damage. Don’t soak the jewelry because it can tarnish. Next, rinse and let the silver dry by placing it on a towel. It’s not advisable to use tissue or other rough material to dry silver. If cleaning at home does not work, a professional cleaner can do the job for you.



Beaded jewelry are made from various materials. Plastic beads can be washed with water and soap. Glass beads can be cleaned with water and soap or with alcohol. Make sure to take care that the thread that holds the beads together will not get wet while cleaning. Wood ornaments should not be cleaned with water. Wipe the surface with a clean cloth. Pearls are wiped with soft, damp cloth or dipped in water and soap. Dry by rubbing on a clean cloth. Crystals, glass and semi-precious stones should not be dipped in water and soap to avoid damage. Just wipe the surface with soft, damp cloth.


Brass and Copper

You can clean brass or copper using vinegar or baking soda mixed with lemon juice. Mix all the ingredients first then dip a cloth in the solution to wipe the dirt off the jewelry. You can also use toothpaste to clean brass and copper as it is a gentle abrasive. If this method seems risky for you, there are cleaning solutions for brass and copper in shops. Keep in mind the acidic level of the solution and follow the instructions on the label. Store them properly when not in use.


How to Clean Different Shoe Materials

2 Dec


Not all shoes can be cleaned in the same method as cleaning your sneakers. Shoes are made from different types of materials and need specific cleaning procedures. Protect your investment by taking proper care of your shoe collection.


Here is a list of common shoe materials and how to clean them.



There are different types of leather. Determine the material first before you use a leather cream. There is a specific cream for patent leather, cordovan and reptile skin. First, remove dirt by using damp cloth. Don’t soak the cloth because too much moisture can change the color of the leather. Next, apply leather cream in a circular motion using clean cloth, preferably chamois. When the cream is dry, polish your shoes using a brush. Patent leather is not brushed. Use cloth instead.



Suede is a type of leather. First, brush dirt off then spray with a formula made specifically for suede. There are suede shampoo products available for stains that are difficult to remove. Don’t let the water soak through however because water can leave stains. When this is done, let the shoes dry before brushing. Waterproof spray is also available in the market. Another leather, nubuck, is cleaned the same way.



Remove dirt by wiping the satin shoes with a soft, dry cloth. Then remove dried dirt using a brush. Be gentle when doing this so you don’t damage the fabric. Next, use damp cloth to press down gently on stains and dirt. Do not wipe the damp cloth on the shoes. Finally, let the shoes dry.



Canvas shoes, like some sneakers, should be hand-washed. Some brands claim that sneakers can be machine washed but always go the safer route. Use soft-bristled brush, water and mild detergent to clean the stains. The insoles and shoelaces are washed separately. Don’t dry your shoes in a clothes dryer or expose them to direct sunlight.



Rubber is easy to clean. Use cloth to wipe dirt off its surface. If you want to wash the shoes, use soap, brush, water and mild detergent to clean the dirt and stains. Remove the shoelaces and insoles (if any). Do not use detergents that are too harsh especially if the rubber is painted on. Brush in a circular motion. You can use your old toothbrush to clean hard to reach places.



Jelly is a plastic footwear that has grown popular in recent years. There are scented jellies available too. Cleaning jellies is similar to cleaning rubber. You can soak the shoes in water and detergent then brush lightly in circular motion. Do not expose them to direct sunlight when drying.



Mesh is easy to clean like rubber. Take off the insoles and shoelaces if there are any. Use soap, water, brush and mild detergent to clean mesh. You can also soak your mesh shoes in water and detergent to remove stubborn stains. Brush until they are clean. Then finally, air dry the shoes.


7 Tips to Get the Most From Your Vocal Warm-Ups

7 Nov

Actually, there’s no “best way” to warm up your voice, but it’s an important practice to get your voice started before singing.

The purpose of vocal warm up is to prepare your voice to sing by gradually increasing circulation of oxygen to all the muscles involved in producing your singing voice. And to ensure you get the best results in every warm up exercise you do with your vocal training in Singapore, here are some tips you can incorporate into your training.


1. Posture is important.
Maintain proper posture. Remember that your entire body houses your vocal system, and therefore it should be free of tension. Pay attention to your posture throughout your singing and make sure you’re standing straight with your body weight balanced on both feet.

2. Your neck is a crucial area.
As a singer, the neck is the most critical part of your body. It houses the nerves, blood vessels, the spinal cord, and your vocal mechanism. When warming up at www.milletmusic.com.sg in Singapore and on the actual singing, keep your neck straight and your head up to let the sound easily pass through it.

3. Vocal warm-up exercises vary.
While there are certain warm-ups that can work for any Singapore singer, this isn’t the case for all warm-up exercises. Every singer has his/her own vocal strengths and weaknesses that have to be taken care of before proceeding with the actual singing performance. Also, another important matter to consider is the way the warm-ups are executed. It’s important to ensure that the exercises are performed properly as this greatly affects in keeping the voice in good health.


4. The right food enhances your performance.
Hydrating foods is the key to a healthier voice. Consuming fruits and vegetables with high water content, such as raw tomatoes, celery, cucumber, and melons are welcome relief for hard-working vocal chords. On the other hand, caffeinated and alcoholic drinks can dry out your vocal system, making it difficult and sometimes painful to sing higher notes. Also, even though Singapore has many of such foods, dairy products such as milk, cheese, and butter, are also not recommended for singers as these foods increase production of mucous in the throat.

5. Sitting properly is as important as standing straight.
Standing is the recommended position for singing, but if you prefer sitting down, you can of course do so without affecting the sound you produce. Sit upright with your shoulders in line with your hips. When singing or warming up for longer time, switch your position every 10 to 15 minutes to keep your body from feeling fatigued.

6. Phrasing gives you time to breathe.
You can practice phrasing before or after doing a warm-up. Phrasing gives you time to breathe while singing, and prepares your vocal chords when about to hit higher notes. When phrasing, look over the lyrics of the song and figure out where the natural pauses are, which is also where you take breaks and breaths. Phrasing is a necessary part of preparation so you can sing without running out of air or gasping for breath.

7. The more you open your mouth, the better you sound.
You may have heard from your vocal training instructor to open your mouth wide when singing to create better sound. Do the same thing when warming up. This allows you to get used to the feeling, especially when feeling self-conscious about generously opening your mouth.

Warming up is a part of every singing endeavour. Whether you are a professional Singapore singer or still an aspiring one, you can get the most out of your warm-ups by keeping these helpful tips in mind.


Outdoor Play Space Ideas for Kids

6 Nov


The sun shines brightly, the birds chirp cheerfully, but the kids are playing video games inside. Trying to get the kids to play outdoors can be challenging, especially when you’re competing against TV shows and computer games. One of the best ways to invite the kids in the sun is to create an irresistible outdoor cove. Here are our favourite outdoor play space ideas that your kids and the entire family will adore.


  1. A Cool Tree House

A tree house is a great enticement for kids to play outdoors, and you can make it adult-friendly, too. Build the tree house between the two largest trees in your backyard. Add a few playful elements like a ladder, a tire swing and a rope course for your kids to play on, while you enjoy a cup of coffee with a view in a small bistro set under the tree house.

  1. A Swing Set

Very few playground accessories prove to be more fun than a classic swing set. Whether your tots are just learning how to walk or are approaching their teen years, they will surely appreciate a swing set. If you have kids in different age brackets, put up a play ground with different activities, such as rock climbing.

  1. Inflatable Pool

You can never go wrong with a pool on a hot summer day, but it’s not practical to build one just for fun. Installing an inflatable pool in your yard is just as good as having a real pool for kids. For a fun family get-together on a weekend, gather everyone in the backyard, grill some bbq and let the kids splash in cool water.


  1. Outdoor Movie Theatre

Even better than going to a real movie theatre is a stay-home theatre, and watch your favourite movie in your own yard. Set up a big screen outdoor, some lightning and picnic blankets or lawn chairs and tables for everyone to sit on. Serve some snacks during the film for a movie night alfresco.

  1. Creative Play

Your choice of creative play set-up should be influenced by your child’s preferred creative outlets, such as problem solving, art, music or building. A permanent fixture like a blank wall canvass or a wall-mounted chalkboard is a good idea, but you can also take regular indoor items outdoors. During an afternoon playtime, take out easel and paints, colourful chalks or play silks. All of these items can spark your kid’s creative side.

When creating a kids space outdoors, think of fun activities that your child may find interesting. Instead of setting up a large mat filled with toys, encourage more physical activities by considering these fun and playful ideas.


Best Make-Up Contouring Products for Every Skill Level

3 Nov


Let’s face it—contouring is still among the hottest trend in the make-up world. In 215, many were quick to say that the trend is already a passé, but perfectly-defined beauties of Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian beg to disagree. Though the extreme contours are better left to these popular TV personalities, a little definition on the face gives your make-up look a 3D effect and adds dimension to the flawless yet flat look of your foundation.


However, if you’re new to the game, figuring out what products to use can be intimidating, especially with all the options you have on the market today. Here, we’re put together a list of our favourite contour and highlight products and categorized them by skill level, so aspiring make-up artists and the certified pros can find their match.

Benefit 10 Bronzing and Highlighting Duo (Beginner)

This two-in-one product combines a warm tawny bronzer with a champagne-toned highlighter. With the product’s blendability, it’s almost impossible to overdo your contour and highlight. Simply swipe the brush, which comes with the package, over the product, brush the product on the sides of your face, and then blend back and forth to diffuse the colour. Place the highlight on the peaks of your cheekbones, and voila! A sculpted, modelesque cheeks in seconds!

Lancome Le Duo Contour and Highlighter Stick (Beginner)

This dual-ended product, which comes in five beautiful shades, makes contouring fast and easy. Its best feature is the contour shade’s slightly grayish tone that makes contouring look more shadowy and natural, instead of tanned. Just make sure to use light-handedly. The sticks are so creamy (which is good for blendability) that the product can easily snap off from its tube (which is a bad thing, obviously).


Sephora Collection Contouring 101 face Palette (Intermediate)

The pattern in the product is not just for decor. The palette is purposely mapped out to mimic the placement of the products on the face to eliminate the guesswork. Choose a contouring colour, which comes in three different shades, that’s a tad darker than your skin tone and dip your brush into it. Do the same with a clean brush for your highlighter, and blend, blend, blend.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Cream Palette (Advanced)

If the Anastasia contour powder kit is a hit, wait until you try the cream version. All the shades in the palettes sink right into the skin for a more natural look. This cream palette comes in three different shades and undertones, so you’re sure to get the right product whatever your skin tone is. For fairer ladies, the lighter palette skews a little pink; while for medium to deeper skin tones, a palette with yellow undertone creates the most flattering contour.

Using the right product makes so much difference in achieving a natural looking contour. With this list, you can surely find the right product whether you are a newbie in the make-up industry, an advanced-level make-up enthusiast or a certified and professional make-up artist.


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