What You Need to Know About Cervical Cancer

13 Jul

Cervical cancer among women is quite common. Fortunately, cervical cancer can be treated successfully and even prevented with the right protection and detection methods. However, the public needs to be educated properly about the disease to get the right diagnosis and treatment as early as possible.

Who Can Get Cervical Cancer?
Like almost any type of cancer, anyone is at risk of getting cervical cancer, however, there are factors that will increase a person’s chances of contracting it. One such factor is getting infected by human papillomavirus (HPV), which can be spread through intimate contact with an infected partner, skin contact with an infected person, and contact with warts caused by HPV. Although most HPV types are not necessarily deadly, some of these can lead to cancer.

A person is also at risk of getting cervical cancer if he/she is a smoker, has a weak immune system, is overweight or obese, has a low diet of fruits and vegetables leading to poor nutrition, has had a history of or has an untreated chlamydia infection, or has family members with a history of cancer. An active sexual life increases the risk because the person is also exposed to different sexually-transmitted infections, which can weaken the immune system and serve as entry point for bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

What are the Symptoms of Cervical Cancer?
Like most cancers, cervical cancer is usually asymptomatic during the first stages, however, it will show signs when the disease is at its advanced stage; such as pelvic pain, pain during intercourse, unusual discharges (usually watery or bloody with foul odor), and bleeding after intercourse and/or between periods or after menopause.

There are two types of cervical cancer will require different treatments; these are; adenocarcinoma or a type of cervical cancer that starts at the glandular cells in the cervical anal; and squamous cell carcinoma or a cervical cancer that starts at the squamous cells that line the outer part of the cervix. The latter is the more common between the two among cervical cancer patients in Singapore.

How is Cervical Cancer Prevented?
Cervical cancer can be prevented with the right information about how it is transmitted. If you have an active sexual life, you can perform preventive steps to avoid getting this type of cancer. One is by having routine Pap tests, the easiest way to detect cancer in the cervix. A woman aged 21 is recommended to undergo this type of test every few years, or more frequently if sexually-active.

You will also be encouraged to practice safe intercourse to prevent STD and to get vaccinated if you’re aged between 9 to 26 years. Doctors in Singapore recommend the vaccine to young girls before they become sexually-active.

Survival rates of patients with cervical cancer in Singapore has increased over the years according to the Ministry of Health, through education of the public about the illness. Cervical cancer can also be treated successfully, especially if the condition is diagnosed early.

High-Protein Meals to Start Your Day

21 Jun

Do you feel sluggish at work despite getting a good night’s rest? Maybe it’s time to change your usual breakfast menu to help you start your day with enough energy.

Cream Cheese and Smoked Salmon
The combination of a brain food (salmon) and dairy will give you enough energy and concentration power to last until lunchtime.

Healthy Quesadilla
Create your own healthy quesadilla with egg, cheese, tomatoes, and lots of green vegetables. You will never look for an unhealthy in-between-meals snacks with this as breakfast.

Quinoa Oatmeal
Whole grains such as quinoa will help you feel full for the rest of the morning. First, boil quinoa, cinnamon, almond milk, nutmeg and vanilla, then simmer for 15 minutes. Serve it with peanut butter, bananas, almonds, and cinnamon.

Breakfast Casserole
This might be a hassle to prepare, but you can cook a casserole the night before and heat it up in the morning. The casserole should have sausages, spinach, egg whites, sweet potato, zucchini, and spices for a complete treat.

Blueberry and Peanut Smoothie
Do you prefer drinks for breakfast? This smoothie contains milk, peanut butter, yoghurt, and wild blueberries for your fill of protein and antioxidants.

Scrambled Eggs and Chicken Sausages
Who says eggs and sausages aren’t healthy breakfast options? Just make sure to use as little oil as possible when cooking the chicken sausages and scrambled eggs.

Barley, Apple, and Cinnamon
First, cook the barley for 35 minutes then add brown sugar, walnuts, nutmeg, cinnamon, and milk. Stir until the milk is absorbed before serving with apples as toppings.

Tofu and Tomatoes
If you’re a vegan, you can substitute eggs with nutritional yeast to create scrambled tofu, then roast tomatoes and plenty of seasoning for a tasty treat.

Egg Quiche
For this recipe, you will need eggs, yellow onion, tomato, baby spinach, and cheddar cheese. Whisk the eggs and other ingredients and bake for 20 minutes.

Bell Pepper and Avocado on Toast
Too lazy to prepare meals in the morning? Just place sliced avocadoes, cottage cheese, and bell pepper on toasted bread and you’re ready.

Egg and Bacon Wrapped in Cheese and Spinach
Egg and bacon may be standard breakfast meal for some people, but that doesn’t mean they make up a complete meal. Create an egg mixture in a skillet, then add the spinach, bacon, cheese, onion, and flavoring. Bake until the egg sets then roll before serving.

Almond Macha
If you love green tea, you can add a little twist to your usual breakfast beverage with almond butter, two types of fruit, one green vegetable, and seeds, cinnamon or oats.

Farro and Yogurt Parfait
For this recipe, boil the farro for 10 minutes then drain the water. Combine yogurt and honey/jam in another bowl before assembling the parfait. Place the yogurt first, fruits next, and nuts last.

4 Indoor Playgrounds in Singapore for Active Children

21 Jun

Playgrounds are great spaces for children to stretch out their legs and run around in open space. They can be a great place for them to meet friends and develop social and kinesthetic skills, all while learning and having fun. There are many indoor playgrounds that can cater to the most active child; from pools to jungles, here are some of the best indoor playgrounds that can be found here in Singapore.

1. KidsSTOP at Jurong East
They say that the best way to teach a child is through play, by engaging their minds through hands-on activities and exercises in imagination. KidsStop does just that, giving children a playground where they can learn about science and art. KidsSTOP is the first science center for children, and comes with various spaces where children can learn about many areas of knowledge, including astronomy, nature and music. This playground is perfect for kids 18 months old to 8 years old. It is open daily from 9:30am to 1:30pm, then at 2 to 6pm.

2. Clip ’n Climb
For those of you with children who can’t seem to stop climbing on top of tables or chairs, this is the playground for you. Hone your child’s motor skills at Clip n’ Climb, an indoor climbing theme park located at the Our Tampines Hub. This park has over 19 walls in different themes, so that you could choose your own difficulty. For those who are tired of the usual wall climbing experience, try your hand at their Dry Ice wall, a wall without footholds; you are given ‘ice picks’, a pair of wooden sticks which you can drive through the wall to climb upwards.

3. Amazonia at Great World City
This playground calls itself the ‘first fully-themed and integrated family entertainment center’ in Singapore. With the large space of Amazonia, children can pretend to be explorers in an exciting Amazon jungle, or be Tarzan and swing from branch to branch. With 4D party rooms and glow in the dark 3D golf, even the most active kid will take a while to get bored. Even parents can have a bit of fun and play with their kids in one of their space-ball areas.

4. Splash at Kidz Amaze
Splash is the first indoor water playground in Singapore, and boasts a gigantic structure: about 23,000 square feet of fun and adventure. This playground is shaped like a huge dome over a shallow pool of water, with a large playground structure in the middle. Five slides of varying lengths and heights, as well as other fun spots, like showers of water from high atop the structure, provide a lot of opportunities for play and adventure

Security Benefits of the Biometric Door Access System and CCTV

30 May

Most sophisticated government, commercial, and industrial buildings in Singapore have several interconnected security systems in place that monitor, identify, and alert occupants during security threats and emergencies. Let’s look at the perks of using modern CCTV systems in combination with high-tech door access systems like biometric door access system.

• There are various types of biometric door access system for all types of public and private buildings in Singapore such as face recognition, voice identification, biometric thumbprint or fingerprint scanning, card and pin access doors, and many more
• Biometric doors are not just used for keeping unauthorized personnel out of specific areas, but biometric technology in general can be used for general facility access, inventory control, locking vehicles, locking smart phones, security of machinery, and time and attendance monitoring

• Biometric door technology eliminates the tendency of employees to lose keys, cards, IDs, and passwords used in traditional door access systems
• Live biometrics can be used to scan heavy-traffic areas like public places in real time, allowing security personnel to continuously monitor for threats
• The fingerprint scanning and facial biometric can be used in combination with other door access systems such as auto open and lock entry points to upgrade current security measures
• The biometric door camera can also function as a security camera connected to the intercom system to allow faster security response in case of threats or emergencies
• The footage from an office camera can serve as additional resource for evidence in case the biometric door access systems have been bypassed by an unauthorized person

• There are two options in most CCTV camera types such as the IP camera and the analog camera depending on the security level required in a building
• Installing a surveillance camera such as the more sophisticated IP CCTV can act as a visual crime deterrent, because criminals are less likely to target facilities that have high-tech security systems
• Small businesses and offices in Singapore can install an analog camera instead of an IP camera and still enjoy the same benefits of a more secure perimeter at a lower cost
• A security camera can be installed on blind spots around the perimeter to augment security measures already in place
• Security cameras can be easily integrated with other technology solutions such as biometric system and intercom system to help easier identification of unauthorized personnel

• Both the biometric system and CCTV are low-maintenance technology as long as the occasional servicing is met
• The CCTV camera not only monitors potential security threats or gathers footage for evidence of a crime, but it can also be used to monitor employee activity
• Besides security, these cameras can be used to solve disputes among clients or customer or between employees because the footage can serve as evidence
• The biometric door access and IP camera can help track movement of employees, deliveries of merchandise, and operations within the premises as part of the record-keeping process

A Dollar in Singapore

14 May

It may be a bit costly to live in Singapore considering it is a first world country but then again, this should challenge us. Sometimes it’s not about spending money but rather saving it. Now, how far do you think a dollar can get you? Well, this might sound ridiculous but you can actually still purchase some things for a dollar.maybe you’d want to do this because of the challenge, or maybe you have a dollar and have no idea what to do with it. Either way, this article wants to help you know what you can actually purchase for a single dollar. Yes! For a single dollar! Although most of these things can be bought for a dollar, some of the prices may vary depending on the location of your purchase.

Here are a few things you can actually buy for a dollar:

1. 1.5 liters of coke
Yup, if you’re looking for a refreshment, a dollar can get you 1.5 liters of coke. Why not? Coke is a great drink that is tasty and enjoyable and the best part is 1.5 liters of coke is quite a lot. It could even last you more than a day. Well, three days to be exact depending on how much coke you drink during the day.

2. 3kms on a bus
If the inner adventurer wants to go somewhere around Singapore, why not take a bus? 3kms may not be a lot but the bus routes are pretty surprising and may take you to really nice places. Who knows, you might stumble upon some treasure within those 3kms.

3. 3 apples
An apple a day keeps the doctor away, right? Well, an apple a day is a great way to stay healthy. Apples are also a great meal as there are so many things you do with apples. Well, the bright side is you can get 3 apples for a dollar. Depending on where you buy, of course.

4. 2 metro stops
Similar to a bus, getting you 2 stops over through metro is a way to quench your thirst for adventure and if you’re looking to get somewhere, maybe somewhere you haven’t been before, you can get through 2 metro stops with the price of a dollar.

5. 1 Chinese egg tart
A Chinese egg tart is a great dessert! But can also be eaten as a snack or basically whenever you feel like eating it. Unlike most cakes, you can get a Chinese egg tart for the price of a dollar. It may not be much but it’s really affordable.

6. 1 BBQ chicken wing
Ah yes, a good barbecue chicken wing can be bought at a price of a dollar. This can be found at your local hawker center of course. A dollar isn’t much but for a good meal, a dollar is definitely worth it.

A Thought a Day

14 May

Some people aren’t fond of writing unless it is required of them. Well, what they do not realize is that writing down at least a thought per day is a great way to not only collect your thoughts but also reflect and improve your self-being. You see, the thing that hinders our growth no matter how much we learn is the fact that we forget what we learn. It may be a simple thought or a simply theory, a poem, or just another random writing. Writing on a single page of paper per day throughout the whole year is a great way for you to grow.

The more you write, the more vocal you become with yourself and the more vocal you become with yourself, the more you will realize about yourself. One thing that hinders people from growth is the rejection of certain necessary truths or thoughts lurking within our minds. Do not be afraid to write it down. You may not be able to answer them today but maybe someday, you’d be able to look back and solve your previous problems altogether.

Reflection is not the only reason why you should be writing everyday but it is definitely a good one. The more you reflect on things, the more confidence you get to face them head on and the more confident you become, the easier it will be for you to face on bigger challenges. Growth might be a painful thing, but then again, without pain, there won’t be much progress.

Collecting your thoughts at the end of the year can be a great way for you to review not just your ideas but also your growth. Let’s face it, everybody changes. But have we changed into someone we are proud of or have we changed into someone who needs a little more changing to do.

Everyday we venture a little further. Everyday we step a couple more steps. Everyday we find ourselves a little farther away from where we used to be. This is good because as human beings, we aren’t meant to stay at one spot for the rest of our lives. As human beings, we get bored of being at the same spot for a long period of time. Sometimes, this even means finding ourselves in wrong situations just for us to grow into someone else.

Collecting your thoughts helps you put things into place piece by piece and though it may be a struggle at first to get started, it is definitely beneficial for you later on. Looking back at how much you’ve grown gives you the strength to grow even further.

What You Need to Know About Herpes

23 Apr

Herpes is the umbrella term for a group of highly-infectious diseases caused by the herpes simplex virus. What most people are not aware of is that herpes can’t be cured and is very contagious even if there are no visible symptoms on the infected person.

Here are some facts about herpes that you need to remember.

Eight Herpes Viruses
There are 8 known herpes viruses that affect humans to date, but only herpes simplex viruses 1 and 2 are usually included in health articles. HSV1 is commonly known as oral herpes, while HSV2 is called genital herpes. Both types can be transmitted through skin-to-skin contact, that is why you should avoid intimate contact with an infected person or share personal items such as towels, forks and spoons, and razors.

The other herpes simplex viruses are the following:

1. HHV3 or human herpes virus 3 affects the skin and causes either chickenpox or shingles.
2. HHV4 or infectious mononucleosis can be transmitted through the saliva, so avoid kissing, sneezing, coughing, and sharing utensils with other people.
3. HHV5 or cytomegalovirus is usually passed from one person to another through breastfeeding, organ transplant, blood transfusion, and intimate contact.
4. HHV6 affects newborn and young children and can cause a variety of diseases such as roseola and convulsions or febrile seizures.
5. HHV7 is almost like HHV6 and can also cause roseola, a viral infection that causes skin rashes and fever in children.
6. HHV8 is commonly found in HIV/AIDS patients with tumors called Kaposi’s sarcoma. It is also present in some types of HIV/AIDS-related cancer.

Herpes isn’t Curable
There is no known cure for herpes viruses today, but there are medications that will help treat the symptoms of the viral infection such as antiviral drugs. Herpes usually will show symptoms only during the primary infection and will remain dormant in the body. The goal of the treatment is to prevent the latent virus in the body from reactivating and showing symptoms such as the sores or blisters. It’s also important for the patient to get immediate treatment to prevent serious complications such as the occurrence of the infection in the gastrointestinal tract and in the brain.

1. Antiviral Medication. These types of drugs work best if the treatment is administered early or hours after the symptoms show. The most common antiviral drugs prescribed for patients who feel discomfort or a tingling sensation before the blisters appear are acyclovir, famciclovir, and valaciclovir.
2. Creams for Sores. For patients who have sores, a penciclovir cream is prescribed and must be applied every 2 hours. Other creams can also be used on the sores such as docosanol which should be applied 5 times a day.
3. Eye Drops. If the patient has herpes simplex keratitis, or infection of the eyes that cause sensitivity, tearing and blurred vision, he/she is given trifluridine eye drops.
4. Intravenous Antiviral. For infected newborns or for severe herpes infections, acyclovir or foscarnet is given to the patient intravenously.

The Benefits of Caring for the Elderly at Home

23 Apr

While most of the Asian families do not shun their elderly and continue to care for them at home, a lot of people are not aware that having the old folks around has benefits for the entire family.

Peace of Mind
You know that your parents or grandparents get the best care when you can see that they are happy and satisfied. Although nursing homes provide professional help, the elderly do not get the social interaction, family love, and the kind of lifestyle they enjoy like when they are at home. It’s also easier for the other family members to determine the right kind of help the elderly need. If the older members of the family need professional caregivers for example, it’s easier to monitor their health and well-being because they are at home.

Keeps Everyone Together
The best emotional support an elderly can get is through the family. They will feel less guilt in being cared for because he/she is not surrounded by strangers. Constant communication is a good emotional support that will help speed up the recovery from illnesses, not just for the elderly but for everyone in the family as well. Children and the grandchildren will also have more time with their parents or grandparents and learn new things.

Home Care is Better
Home care is affordable even if your family decided to hire a professional caregiver because there is no need to pay for basic needs at home. The help provided is customized to fit the specific needs of the elderly because the home is not as restrictive as a nursing home. Recovery is faster and the emotional well-being is monitored because the elderly are surrounded by their family and friends. This is supported by various studies that show parents and grandparents live longer if they are in the company of loved ones.

Gives Elderly Options
At home, the elderly can still enjoy the kind of life they are used to because they are still in control. Unlike nursing homes that are crowded with elderly who have different needs, your parents or grandparents have a choice of different activities that can help in their recovery. With the technology available today, it is possible to get the best professional help at home. They can also help young parents how to raise children properly if they are still strong and healthy, giving them another purpose in life.

Erases Emotional Problems
One huge factor in an elderly’s state of health and emotional well-being is being able to live a respectable and independent life away from stressors. Make the last years of your parents’ or grandparents’ lives decent by giving them quality life, healthcare and unconditional love. They will be able to enjoy the fruits of their labor as they watch their children become adults and raise their own families. When you get old, you will realize how important it is to be surrounded by loved ones and friends when you’re enjoying your retirement.

Activities in Singapore Not Found in the Usual Travel Itinerary

14 Mar

If you’ve visiting Singapore, you must have gotten the gist of the same itinerary on the internet or on various travel and tours services. These commercial touring services offer the similar highlights to your Singapore visit, such as heading over to the Gardens by the Bay or taking a mandatory tourist selfie by the Marina Bay Sands.

Regardless, it is also curious to know what the Singaporean locals do for fun especially if you want to discover and experience more of Singapore. Places where the tourist sight-seeing experience and the local culture meet over are everywhere in the Merlion City, you just have to know where to head to!

1. Enjoy traditional bread
Served straight out of the oven, Singaporeans enjoy delicious traditional bread as a snack or even as a breakfast option. These bread lack eggs and preservatives, and they also have lesser amount of yeast in them. Because of that, their taste notably stands out from your typical bread. Popular traditional bread items include brown bread (with brown sugar), milk bread (which has milk powder), and curry puff, a staple favorite dish.

There are only a few traditional bread making businesses left in Singapore, with the numbers ranging about 5 stores. This makes the experience a whole lot rarer and more special!

2. Visit Palau Ubin
Palau Ubin is a national park located on an island off the mainland’s coast. It is a place where you can find a preserved and untouched section of Singapore’s rich history. You can get the general feel of what the city-state was like during its early years of founding — surrounded by green trees, wide places to explore, temples, and the absence of tall skyscrapers. This is revered to be one place where it feels as if time froze, making it a popular destination among locals.

3. Take a stroll at Clarke Quay
Speaking of Singapore’s rich history, Clarke Quay is a historical riverside dock which is a popular destination for a lot of locals who love to take a nighttime stroll. You can enjoy the cozy feeling of walking around the pier at night, but don’t forget to take a jacket with you to keep you warm.

There are also a number of bars and restaurants you can enjoy in Clarke Quay. If you’re looking for a memorable experience in particular, head to the Karaoke shops in the area and practice your singing!

4. Be one with nature at Singapore’s Night Safari
Located at Mandai Lake Road, Singapore’s Night Safari is a zoo which features nocturnal animals. It operates around 7:30 P.M. up to midnight. The place has roughly about 2, 500 animals which can be found in their respective nighttime habitat. Aside from observing these nocturnal animals, you can also enjoy fire-dancing performances and a hearty meal onboard a moving tram.

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