Your Guide to Chronic Constipation

27 Mar

There was a study in 2012 conducted here in Singapore. The study was about determining the number of Singaporeans suffering from chronic constipation. The study revealed that one out of four Singaporeans suffer and endure chronic constipation. Chronic constipation is a digestive problem. It can make one’s life miserable. Relieving chronic constipation is expensive and time consuming.


Not all Singaporeans know they have chronic constipation because it is often associated with indigestion. To help doctors better identify and treat chronic constipation, ANMA (Asian Neurogastroenterology and Motility) has prepared guidelines. ANMA released some guidelines and hopefully it can help doctors here in Singapore and the whole of Asia. This will surely improve the life of one Singaporean at a time.


The definition of chronic constipation varies depending on the individual. For some individual, chronic constipation means irregular bowel movements that will last for several days to weeks. For others, chronic constipation means difficulty in passing of tools or straining. In general, chronic constipation is defined by the frequency of your stools. It should not be less than three times every week and it should not last for several months.



It was mentioned earlier that chronic constipation is often associated with indigestion. You may feel bloated for a period of time. You may think that it is just indigestion so you will look for ways to relieve it but in truth, you are suffering from chronic constipation. Other symptoms also include infrequent bowel movements and straining bowel for several months. When you notice anything like this, it is better to come to your doctor right away so it can be relieved.


Other people think that chronic constipation is harmless and it cannot affect you. That is wrong. Chronic constipation, like other illnesses makes you anxious, stressed, uncomfortable and distressed. Do not think that it is not worth going to the doctor. If you are suffering from this, the discomfort is unbearable. Think about your work performance. Because of chronic constipation, it will reduce your pace and you will miss a lot of recreational activities.


People believe that if you have infrequent bowels, the toxins will accumulate in your intestine. That is purely myth. It is not true because there were no studies and evidence that confirm such. People think that if you do not have at least 1 bowel movement a day, it is not normal. The truth is, it does not matter. The frequency is based on the weeks not the days.

If you feel that you are suffering from chronic constipation, you should go to your doctors right away. They will confirm your suspicion and they will recommended treatments to relieve your discomfort. If you know someone who is enduring chronic constipation, you should help them learn about their illness so they can deal with it properly.


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