Ways to Be Enthusiastic About Life

8 Mar


We must admit that most of our days are routinary and just plain old boring. We’re busy acting as a robot all day every day at work that sometimes we forget to actually live. We forget to have fun and we tend to neglect our relationships with our loved ones. To spice up our lives once again, go-getters and some YOLO peeps from Singapore suggest the following ways.

  1. Give something for free. A random act of kindness can always make you feel even more alive. You can donate to a charity, volunteer in an organization or simply just give your unused clothes to a homeless person. Even how little your effort or help may be, give it for free. This is the perfect way to feed your soul while helping others.


  1. Follow a different route. Either you commute or have car, try a different route from time to time. Explore another side of the city you’re in and you might get surprised on how interesting it could be.


  1. Try something new. Whatever it is that you’ve always wanted to do, try it now. You can try a new hobby or make something creative out of scrap metals or unused things. As long as it is something that you have never done then go for it.


  1. Be a slacker for a day. Being well put together, responsible and busy with responsibilities can be very draining. To enlighten your life, try to be a freeloader for a day or once a month. You can avail on free trials of products at malls, go window shopping and get free OOTDs during fitting or eat free tastes at the grocery or food fairs.

  1. Get a make-over. If you feel like you look older than your age, then most probably you are stressed and worn out. Fire up your confidence again and get a make-over. You can try a new hairstyle or spend a few dollars for new wardrobes.


  1. Travel to new places. It’s always invigorating to travel around especially to new places you’ve never been to. Take the time off from work and make sure that you visit places that are not so crowded so that you can enjoy your trip more.


  1. Watch a concert. Invite someone special or your friends to watch a concert with you. You can also check out live shows, comedy bars, open mics, etc. Stimulate your party senses and enjoy such experiences.


  1. Change your morning routine a bit. When every morning is getting more and more dragging, then try to spice it up a bit. You can change your morning routine into something more fun and energizing. You can set your alarm earlier than usual, go for a walk or a jog, eat a healthy and pleasing breakfast, or you can squeeze in a few extra activities that you’d like.

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