Underrated Cities in the World You Should Visit for Excellent Food

12 Feb

When traveling, we choose our destination based on certain factors, such as historical spots, shopping avenues and the people. However, the most important thing that probably most travelers consider when looking for a place to explore is the destination’s culinary offerings.

For all the foodies out there seeking for gastronomical experiences, here are five of the less popular places you should visit for excellent food.

1. Hanoi, Vietnam
Hanoi may be a busy and maddening city, but its food boasts a perfect balance of light yet hearty, modest yet complex cuisine. The food here plays an essential role to fuel the people with ceaseless energy and showcase the intricacies of Vietnam. However, leave the fancy dining at the airport and experience authentic Vietnamese food on sidewalk tables, amidst all the chaos. Look for Hanoi’s signature food bun cha, which is a concoction of grilled pork, vermicelli rice and greens, to get a taste of a true Vietnamese food.

2. Singapore
Dubbed as the multicultural food paradise of Southeast Asia, Singapore offers a beautiful mix of flavors native from nearby regions. Right in the heart of Southeast Asia, the ‘Little Red Dot’ is where posh dining meets cheap street eats. You will find not only Malay, Indian and Chinese food, but almost every cuisine you can think of. Imagine finding celeb-chef restos and a full stretch of laidback bistros along Boat Quay district and be able to choose from chili crabs to sushis. What a range of food options you have! However, the real deal when in Singapore is the hawker stalls, which promises you an explosion of flavors for no more than S$5 per serving.

3. Tel Aviv, Israel
Bauhaus, beaches and big breakfast—the four Bs every traveler should experience. Tel Aviv in Israel does all these very well. Jumpstart your day with the most important meal of the day—complete with salads, local cheeses, fresh breads, muesli, natural jams and pastries, with your choice of coffee or fresh fruit juice. Oh, and don’t forget the ever so popular hummus, shakshuka and sabich, which are all Israel’s street-food classics.

4. Bordeaux, France
A home to some of the world’s most popular red wines, Bordeaux in France offers an exciting gastronomic experience for the fine diners. Hosting three Michelin-starred fine dining restaurants, Bordeaux chefs are masters in fusing tradition and innovation in every dish they make. However, don’t be fooled by its French names as not all restaurants in Bordeaux consists of fancy frills and expensive bills, small bistros like Le Petit Commerce whips up excellent French cuisine at a fraction of a price.

Food plays a major role in making your travel fun and unforgettable. Satisfy your taste buds the next time you head on a vacation by heading to one (or two or more) of these less-visited food destinations.

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