Types of Locksmith Services

5 Dec

Locksmiths in Singapore offer different services apart from installing locks in your home. So before you start looking for one, know first what kind of service you want to be accomplished and whether the expert you’re eyeing can do what you’re looking for. There are those who cater window lock set up, digital and/or manual locks installation, and modern security system installations for homes and offices.

There are also services that may require more than one locksmith Singapore and you need to know the cost as well as details for these. Although almost every locksmith can perform different sorts of security lock jobs, you might still need one that specializes in a certain task. It’s important to hire someone who is an expert at doing the service you need, or else you might end up spending more on getting things done again.



This is the most common locksmith Singapore service available. Most commonly,  a residential service staff is on duty 24/7 and mainly works with lockout problems, meaning the locked door cannot be opened because it’s either  the keys are lost or the house is locked with the keys still inside. A residential locksmith in Singapore can do several duties to solve this problem, like uninstalling and reinstalling the locks or cut a new set of keys. However, be sure to hire the right specialist like Prosmith in Singapore as their ability to solve the problem also vary depending on kind of lock they have to deal with – standard household door locks or more complex digital high-security locks.



Sometimes, car owners in Singapore forget about their keys as they close their car doors. Unfortunately, many of today’s car keys cannot be copied by key cutter or key duplicating machines. Aside from that, the automated mechanism of smart keys is complicated to fabricate, making this kind of locked out problem almost impossible to solve without the help of a locksmith Singapore. Losing a car key could put the owner in very big trouble. Thus, when trapped in such incident, make sure to hire an auto-locksmith. Auto-locksmiths have the right skills and equipment to solve a car locked out problem.

Key Cutter


From the name itself, this type of locksmith service is what you need when you want an exact copy of your keys. They are the ones in Singapore who can provide you an exact copy of your keys, be it just for duplication purposes or to replace a lost one. There are even some highly-skilled professionals who can copy more complex key that comes with an electronic system lock. So call and ask first whether they have someone who can do a specific job before you ask them to come over to your place.


There are some key and lock systems, like digital locks, that can be difficult to install, so it would be very beneficial to hire the services of a professional locksmith Singapore who is capable of doing all the all aspects of security lock installation. A locksmith in Singapore who specializes in this service can effectively accomplish all tasks related to lock installation, including the configuration of security setup and fixing the lock to the door.

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