The Full Car Service Checklist

20 Jun

Preventive car maintenance requires regular, scheduled car servicing in Singapore. But the goal of car servicing is not just car repair or car workshop for modification. It also involves the following:

1. Maintaining the car through systematic inspection, correction of failures, and detection of defects before they become major problems that might cause accidents or become expensive repair jobs

2. Testing the vehicle to make sure that everything is working. This is done by certified auto experts who also specialize in particular areas in the field

3. Basic inspection, replacement and refilling of parts, fluids and other car parts that might be worn out or defective to prevent breakdowns and malfunctioning.

Basic Car Servicing

Basic car servicing in Singapore requires the following:

1. Washing the exterior of the car
2. Checking or replacement of the wires, timing belts and spark plugs
3. Replacement of the air filter
4. Checking or replacement of the tire
5. Oil change to prevent engine failure
6. Cooling system maintenance through checking of the pump, hoses and fluids

Other car servicing in Singapore might include more. A car maintenance done every 6 months is called interim car servicing. This is also done when the car has traveled a total of 6,000 miles to ensure that it’s still in good condition. Others don’t have the time, however, to have their cars checked twice a year. In such instances, car servicing may be in the form of full or major car servicing.

Italian Tuneup

Some car servicing shops specialize in what is called an Italian tuneup. This was initially done on Ferrari cars, which are rarely used by their owners, causing problems with carbon build-up during car fixing and repair here in Singapore. For vintage and expensive cars, this is also a common problem because old models don’t use modern engine lubricants and fuels.
The auto technician would have to do a tuneup drive so that the carbon buildup is burned out when the engine gets hot enough. Some vintage cars also require scheduled maintenance. If you own such a car, an Italian tuneup might be recommended after the traditional car servicing is done.

Full Car Servicing

A full car servicing in Singapore is recommended if the car has not been checked for more than 12 months or if it has run for 12,000 miles or longer. A major car servicing on the other hand is for cars that need to have car maintenance, car repair and car workshop after 24 months of usage or more than 24,000 miles traveled. The following services are rendered in most full car servicing packages.

1. Road testing the car
2. Resetting the car’s service light
3. Lubrication of the bonnet catch
4. Lubrication of the door hinges with white grease
5. Checking of all the external door locks
6. Checking of all the seatbelts, including the lap belts
7. Addition of a cabin filter if needed
8. Checking of the windscreen wipers
9. Checking of the rear wipers
10. Checking of the windscreen washer
11. Alignment of jets and top up if needed
12. Checking of the windscreen for damage, such as cracks
13. Checking of the exterior and interior mirrors
14. Checking of the number plate
15. Checking or the tire size and its fit
16. Checking of the tread depth
17. Checking and adjustment of tire pressures
18. Checking of the spare tires
19. Checking of the wheel balance
20. Setting of the wheel nut torque according to the car manufacturer’s setting
21. Replacement of tires if needed
22. Testing of the brake fluid boil
23. Checking of the brake servo operation
24. Checking of the brake fluid and refilling it if needed
25. Checking of the brake discs and drums to see if they are worn, corroded or pitted
26. Checking of the handbrake linkages
27. Lubrication and adjustment of handbrakes
28. Checking of the brake hoses and pipes, as well as the hydraulic system
29. Checking of the wheel cylinders
30. Checking of service brake shoes
31. Adjustment of service brake shoes
32. Checking of the brake callipers
33. Checking of the brake pads
34. Checking of the exhaust smoke
35. Checking of the exhaust system including the catalyst
36. Grease steering and suspension
37. Testing of the shock absorber
38. Checking of the wheel bearings
39. Checking of the steering rack gaiters
40. Checking of the steering and suspension components
41. Checking of the power steering reservoir
42. Inspection of high tension leads or HT
43. Checking of the dashboard lights
44. Topping up of battery or non-sealed units
45. Checking the battery condition
46. Checking the battery security and lubrication of terminals
47. Checking of the indicator operation of the diesel heater plug
48. Checking of the car horn
49. Checking of the exterior lights
50. Topping up of the gearbox fluid
51. Checking of the axle and transaxle oil
52. Topping up of the axle and transaxle oil
53. Greasing of the prop or shaft
54. Checking of drive shaft gaitors
55. Checking of clutch fluid
56. Topping up of clutch fluid
57. Checking the correct gearbox operation
58. Checking the correct clutch operation
59. Checking of the visual condition of the fuel lines
60. Checking of the fuel cap seal
61. Checking of the condition and security of the underitray
62. Checking the anti-freeze strength and the minimum temperature
63. Topping up of coolant
64. Changing of the spark plugs depending on the mileage
65. Replacement of air filter
66. Checking and adjustment of the auxiliary drive belts
67. Checking of the alternator belt or fan
68. Adjustment of the alternator belt or fan
69. Checking of the electric cooling fan
70. Checking of the coolant hoses
71. Checking of the coolant cap seals
72. Checking of the radiator
73. Checking for the timing belt or cambelt replacement interval
74. Replacement of the cambelt
75. Checking for oil leaks
76. Replacement of oil filter
77. Draining of engine oil
78. Refilling of engine oil

Major Car Servicing

A major car servicing in Singapore is required for cars that have not been checked for more than 24 months or if it has gone for a total of 24,000 miles. Most of the car servicing done in a full car servicing is also performed during a major car servicing. The following are applied as well:
1. Draining out the cooling system
2. Replacement of the coolant system according to the specification
3. Replacement of spark plugs for the petrol engines
4. Testing the starter motor
5. Testing of the alternator charging rate
6. Replacement of the brake fluid and bleed system

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