Summertime is Singapore Time

1 Apr


Summer is officially here. Are you looking for an escape from the scorching heat of the sun? Well look no further because Singapore has got you covered. Although, Singapore is a landlocked country; surprisingly, it still has a lot of pristine beaches to offer. Such as the Palawan beach that should not be confused with the Palawan paradise which is actually located in the Philippines.


If you would like to throw an extraordinary party for your kids that they’ll never forget then this is definitely the place for you. By the way, there is a rather spectacular pirate-themed experience that you can enjoy with your kids in this beach. Welcome to “The Port of Lost Wonder” — this is the first Singapore’s kids club by the beach.

Rest assured that your kids will certainly have fun and learn along the way as they go on board in a pirate-kid-friendly-ship where they will be able to explore things that they’ve never seen before and what is special about this is that they can share this thrilling moment with other fun-loving kids who are also itching to have an adventure of a lifetime. Are you the aquarium lover of some sort? Do you love watching your cute little gold fish swim around its tiny little bowl?


Well, now you’ve got the real deal because our next stop is (hold your breath) — ok you can let go of it now…  “The World’s Largest Aquarium”. Yes, and it’s in Singapore. Have you ever imagined how it feels to be under the sea (I mean you know like in Disney movies where the shark and the sting rays are friends then they get to sing and dance together.) Well, consider it done because in Sentosa S.E.A. aquarium, you will have the chance of a life time to watch sea creatures up close and personal without endangering your life as a bait or as a prey.

You will have the amazing opportunity to be astonished while walking in a glass floor and observing from a safe vantage point some of the scariest predators you can find in the ocean. One of the best things that we can find here is the Discovery Touch Pool where visitors will have the wonderful opportunity to meet and greet a sea star, a sea cucumber and a pencil urchin which is of course might I say not a very common sight for most of us during our day-to-say life so grab the chance to do all of this while summer is here.

Seize the day or rather the golden days of summer and spend it in Singapore and you will never regret even a single moment while you are there.

02 Discovery Touch Pool @ S.E.A Aquarium [Resort World Sentosa], Singapore (Large)

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