Proper Care for Jewelry

5 Dec


Humans are fond of shiny objects. It’s no surprise that we wear jewelry to enhance our appearance or just to show off.


Among the most common materials used for making jewelry are metals. Cleaning each type of material requires different procedures. Here are tips to make them shine.



To keep your gold shiny and new, soak it in water and soap. Take it out a few minutes later then rub the surface with cotton balls. It’s not advisable to use a brush because the bristles might damage it. Don’t do this however if the jewelry has other stones or metal in the design. Rinse then let it dry by placing it on a piece of clean cloth, preferably a towel. When it’s dry, use gold polish to make it shine. Never use silver polish or other chemicals to clean gold. Keep it tarnish-free by placing it in a proper storage box. Take it off when you decide to go swimming and avoid contact with harsh chemicals, even body products.



Use a special cloth made for cleaning silver jewelry to wipe off dirt. Silver can scratch or tarnish easily if not handled properly. Rub the cloth in a back-and-forth stroke. There are silver cleaning formulas available, but they can be tricky to use. There is a risk of inhaling harmful fumes and of contamination. Use water and mild soap instead. Soap should not contain ammonia or phosphate to avoid damage. Don’t soak the jewelry because it can tarnish. Next, rinse and let the silver dry by placing it on a towel. It’s not advisable to use tissue or other rough material to dry silver. If cleaning at home does not work, a professional cleaner can do the job for you.



Beaded jewelry are made from various materials. Plastic beads can be washed with water and soap. Glass beads can be cleaned with water and soap or with alcohol. Make sure to take care that the thread that holds the beads together will not get wet while cleaning. Wood ornaments should not be cleaned with water. Wipe the surface with a clean cloth. Pearls are wiped with soft, damp cloth or dipped in water and soap. Dry by rubbing on a clean cloth. Crystals, glass and semi-precious stones should not be dipped in water and soap to avoid damage. Just wipe the surface with soft, damp cloth.


Brass and Copper

You can clean brass or copper using vinegar or baking soda mixed with lemon juice. Mix all the ingredients first then dip a cloth in the solution to wipe the dirt off the jewelry. You can also use toothpaste to clean brass and copper as it is a gentle abrasive. If this method seems risky for you, there are cleaning solutions for brass and copper in shops. Keep in mind the acidic level of the solution and follow the instructions on the label. Store them properly when not in use.


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