How to Spot a Liar in a Sea of People

6 Nov

You wish you are like Edward Cullen (from Twilight) who can read or hear thoughts but you know that it is impossible. Well, it is true that you cannot read or hear thoughts but there is a way to know if the person is lying to you. It will benefit you to spot a liar in a sea of people.


You will need to study body language. Learning body language will be your key to survival here in Singapore. The good news is that there are many ways to tell if the person is actually lying. Here are some tips on spotting a liar here in Singapore:

  • Talking gibberish: When someone tries to convince you, he/she tends to talk too much to the point that everything is gibberish.  Watch out for the exaggerated shrug or words like “I am telling the truth” or “I am being honest”.
  • Inconsistency: When someone is telling the truth, the body will tell the same story as his/her words. When a person lies, body language and words will contradict.

couple talking

  • Shallow breathing: When a person is telling a lie, the stress and anxiety will result to shallow but frequent breathing. You should also watch out for the raise in their vocal pitch.
  • Long pause: You may not notice it but when you tell a lie, you usually pause long. Maybe this is the body’s way of preparing for the lie. The long pause suppresses the brain so it will not give out the honest answer.
  • Eye movement: The person who is telling the truth will simply recall a memory. He/she will glance up or on the left but if the person is fabricating stories, he/she will look up or on the right.

The body language will give the person away. So, the next time you are in doubt, look for signs.


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