How to Choose Fresh Fish

9 Sep

If you are in charge for restocking your pantry and refrigerator, you should know how to choose the freshest ingredients. If you picked the wrong food, your family will surely suffer. If in this case you are looking for a fresh fish, you should consider the following guidelines so you can ensure that it is safe to consume:


  • Consider a reputable market. The freshest fishes are in a reputable market or store. Do not buy fishes anywhere because you are not sure of its quality.
  • Ask for its freshness. When you are in the market, you have to ask the seller of its freshness. The sellers should certify or guarantee its freshness.
  • Look closely. The sellers will of course claim that it is health. It will be up to you to identify or confirm if it is true. You have to check for signs of freshness to be sure.


  • Check the eyes, gills and cuts. The freshness of the fish will be seen in their eyes, gills and cuts. The eyes of the fish should be clear and it should swell a little. As for the gills, they should be red and wet. If it is slimy, do not take it. The cuts should be moist with no signs of discoloration.
  • Sniff it. A fresh fish is not smelly. A fresh fish smells of ocean and its breeze. It does not smell rotten or spoiled. If the fish has smell, do not consider it.

Looking for a fresh fish is easy if you follow the guidelines mentioned above. If in this case you are thinking of a dish to cook, you can look online for fish dishes. Good luck and have fun!


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