How a File Server Can Help Your Business?

20 Sep

A file server is a powerful computer unit that holds all important data intended to be accessed and shared by multiple computers within the network. The server unit answers to the information requests from other computers. It “serves” data, fax resources, print, and many other files to numerous computers, just as long as they are on the same network.
So, what is the primary purpose of file servers? And why are they such a big help in many business establishments in Singapore?


1. File Servers Protects and Backs-Up Business Information

With a file server, each computer in every employee’s workstation stores information on its local drive. When the local hard drive fails, all stored data in the unit, like emails, photos, spreadsheets, documents, etc., would be gone, unless backups were made prior the incident. Unfortunately, many Singapore establishments do not regularly backup important data.
However, if you employ a local file server, redundant power supplies, redundant drives, as well as automated backups are utilized. This setting makes everything centralized, thus giving you the freedom from being highly dependent to individual computers and significantly reducing the possibilities of system failure. It also promotes better production because if one of your hard drives fails, you’re still up-and-running and continue with your daily operations.


2. File Servers Allow Remote Access

Through file servers, you can access your data anytime, anywhere. Your Singapore I.T. specialist can help you set a virtual private network (VPN) to let you gain access to your data even when you’re at home or on the road. This can increase efficiency if you or your staffs need to access files from outside the working place.

3. File Servers Makes Data Permission Centralized

By storing data in a single server, you can easily control the people allowed to access certain files. You can designate permissions that allow only these department or people to view specific files, lock out other users from the areas that they should not be in.


4. File Servers Lets You Monitor Your Employees

Installing third party software in your Singapore file server allows you to track your employees’ activities. You can view the websites they visit, files they accessed, or monitor works through automatic timed shots. These applications can be integrated to the Internet, making every result available online, for you to view even when you’re out of the office.

5. File Servers Stores Previous Versions of Files

Most Singapore company owners that actually have their own servers are unaware of the benefits of “Volume Shadow Copies” feature of file servers. If you’ve experienced accidental deletion of file or hit “Save” button without the intention of overwriting the previous file, you are certain that permanent loss won’t happen again with Volume Shadow Copies. This file server feature makes copies of every data stored on your network twice or more a day, depending on the configuration.

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