Common Acne Myths You Should Stop Believing In

20 Apr

Acne is one of the most frustrating skin problem that is just downright embarrassing, unsightly, and too much to deal with. If you’re someone who have lived with acne during your teenage years, then you most probably heard all sorts of beliefs about it and how to deal with it. Guess what? Most of those beliefs and advices that you long believed in are not actually true. Here are some of those acne myths, as well as the truth behind each myth.


Myth #1. Acne can be outgrown.

You might’ve heard the belief that acne is just a common teenage problem and you’ll eventually outgrow it when you’re older. Guess what? It’s not true. Acne actually becomes worse for females when they grow older, while it’s worse for males during their teenage years. Although outgrowing acne would be really great, it’s still possible to for adults to get this same teenage skin problem.


Myth #2. Consistently washing your face prevents acne.

We’ve always believed that washing and scrubbing our face often will drive acne away, when that’s not actually true. Although washing our face once or twice a day using an anti-acne cleanser can be helpful, it doesn’t really scrub or wash acne away. Acne is a skin problem commonly caused by bacteria, clogged pores, and hormonal fluctuations, and washing your face every day won’t fix these causes. Also, Singapore dermatologists said that there’s really no cure for acne other than taking a pill called isotretinoin.


Myth #3. Applying sunscreen clogs the pores.

If you decide to wear an oil-free sunscreen, a gel-based or a powder sunblock, then it shouldn’t clog your pores. So if you ever go shopping for your facial sunscreen, ensure that it is good for your skin type and non-comedogenic.


Myth #4. Diet and acne are not related.


This case is true for most people, but for some, diet really plays an important role in an acne breakout. For most regular acne patients, having a healthy diet is always recommended by dermatologists and if a patient finds out that a particular food is what causes his/her breakouts, then he/she is often advised to avoid eating that food. Just remember that whether or not you regularly experience acne breakouts, healthy eating should always be your priority.


Myth #5. Sun exposure heals acne breakout.


This is definitely one of the big-time myths when it comes to acne. The sun’s heat normally kills the acne-causing bacteria, which is why most people think that they’re acne gets a lot better every time they go to the beach. However, the same heat will also darken the marks left by your breakout, and cause it to persist for a much longer time.


Instead of entirely believing in the common beliefs about acne, focus on taking good care of your skin and keeping it clean to prevent any breakouts from happening.

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