Choosing the Best Jewellery for Your Wedding

13 May

Wedding jewelleries such as made in Singapore wedding bands form an important part of your wedding attire. Of course, they should be complementing your wedding attire, and not overwhelming it.


Buy or Borrow?

Weddings in Singapore can be small, intimate affairs or big, formal gatherings. Other couples are willing to spend lots of money for a very important, one-day event. While others are meticulous in their spending patterns that they set and follow a strict budget for every aspect of their wedding.

It actually depends on your financial resources whether you will buy or borrow Singapore wedding jewellery. You can save hundreds of dollars if you opt to borrow from a friend a wedding ring Singapore that suits your wedding look. However, it is important that you buy your wedding ring as you should be wearing that on your big day and onwards. Now, if you are the type of Singapore couple who don’t really have financial problems but you only want to be practical by maximizing what is available, you can actually re-use your engagement ring or proposal ring. In that case, you will no longer have to buy new wedding bands.

The Perfect Size

The best wedding jewellery have the size that is perfect for you. Naturally, you would not want to spend thousands for something that you are not comfortable wearing.  Make sure that if you buy jewellery, you know your size.

If you are purchasing your jewellery online, it is very important that you inform the seller of your right size. Using any simple string, you can have a measurement of your neckline to know your size for necklace. Then with the same string, you can get your wrist tight to have your size for bracelet. You can also know your perfect engagement ring or wedding ring size using the same string. Then, measure how many inches or centimetres are they by using a ruler.

Time of the Wedding and Lifestyle

Your choice of wedding bands and other wedding jewellery should also be based on two more factors. First is the time of your Singapore wedding. For daytime weddings, it will be best if you wear pearls, gems, or costume jewellery. Jewelleries with brilliant crystals or diamonds are best for evening weddings, as they sparkle with lights.


Jewellery shops in Singapore provide a wide selection of exquisitely charming wedding jewelleries. But you need to consider another factor before buying a proposal ring and wedding ring, and that is lifestyle. Some people wear both engagement ring and wedding ring daily at work. If you are planning to do the same thing, make sure to purchase rings that fit the kind of job you have. Too flashy rings might not be suitable for a simple working environment or a tough job.

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